iOS 5.1.1 Fixes URL Spoofing Vulnerability in Safari

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imageiOS 5.1.1 Fixes URL Spoofing Vulnerability in Safari

Apple has fixed the vulnerability that David Vieira-Kurz of MajorSecurity had discovered last month, which could be exploited to spoof URLs in the address bar.

Malicious websites could make use of the vulnerability to spoof their domain name to a URL the user might trust, and ask for sensitive information like login credentials, credit card numbers etc.

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  • mato
    mato Posts: 31
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    argh, hmm not sure if i would want to update mine. the changes were so minor
  • Damir
    Damir Posts: 12
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    Interesting!I updated my ipad 1, and things got serious :p kiding, much faster :)
  • Jon
    Jon Posts: 116
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    Same here. Things seems to have speeded up massively on iPad 1. I was seriously considering upgrade, but for now, I'll settle. Let's just hope that the battery life issue doesn't return with this update.
  • Derrek
    Derrek Posts: 3
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    Is anyone else have a battery issue with the 4S my battery drains like you're pouring it out. Have to charge it twice a day it seems. Even with all locations turned off and shutting down apps
  • Joker
    Joker Posts: 18
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    Strangely enough ...the battery lasts 12-16 hrs....I have 32G 4S... And wireless is turned on most of the time
  • Gregor
    Gregor Posts: 2
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    My iPod touch was draining battery horribly, even when not being used. After several resets with no improvement, I thought it was time to replace the battery. I then decided to do a factory restore, and that solved it.
  • Sujith
    Sujith Posts: 3
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    seems ios 5.1.1 is too fast ... any body notice this ??
  • amar
    amar Posts: 4
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    Serious issue. Battery drains out as if there is no tomorrow, or even today
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 40
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    I have an ipad 1, and is significantly faster with ios 5.1.1. Switching between apps, opening apps, typing, are all noticably more responsive!
  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 383
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    I'm having this issue with my ipod touch. When I go to the "diagnostics and usage" option under "settings" i can see some logs related to low battery. One is listed from 4th February 2012 when the version of iOS was 5.0.1. It says awake time was 6 hours, standby time was 145 hours and voltage was 3371mV. The next entries in the list are all from May after I installed OS 5.1. There are about half a dozen and they all have variations on the same theme. Awake time is now usually 30-40 hours and standby time is 30-40 hours. As a result I seem to be charging the battery every 2 days instead of previously where a full charge would last nearly a week. It seems the ipod is, or thinks it is, "awake" when really I only use it for probably an hour or two a day at most. 2 nights ago I charged the battery for about 12 hours and by this afternoon it was already below 20% and warning me. I'd estimate I've actually been using it to stream internet radio for about 1.5 hours over the last 2 days and that is it.