Adobe Flash Player 10 Coming to Smartphones; But No Mention of Apple's iPhone

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imageAdobe Flash Player 10 Coming to Smartphones; But No Mention of Apple's iPhone

At this weeks Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (which started today), Adobe Systems announced that they will be releasing their first full-blown Flash player 10 for smartphones by the end of the year. As per Adobe, companies like Google, Microsoft, Palm and Nokia are all expected to release platforms or...

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  • Josh
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    it's a HUGE deal. Imagine the possibilities--streaming ESPN videos off, streaming full-length movies, streaming "the office" and other tv shows off abc's web site! It is the ONLY thing missing that would make the web truly in the palm of your hand!

    It is a must, and, having recently lost my iphone, my next phone purchase could EASILY be the Pre. I'm also interested in what Windows Mobile is coming out with next--I've been hearing a lot of buzz!

  • Andrew
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    Something I do not understand is the image people place on Apple products as being cool and amazing and then these same people scorn Microsoft for their closed software. Apple, in many respects, seems to be running almost identically to the way Microsoft used to handle business.

    Apple seems to be on a high horse with the iPhone and failing to allow innovation to come into the phone, while even Microsoft, who once found the idea of open source preposterous, seems to be open to the idea of allows Adobe to work inside it's OS to integrate with it's mobile phone.

    I never cared for brand loyalty and are honestly a waste of time. Money is money and that is all companies care for. I feel Apple does need to open itself up a bit to innovation or else they can lag behind and Palm can be the new Apple, but this is long away. Touch screen is amazing, but continue to close yourself like companies before and you will end up lagging behind. Trust me, look what is happening to Microsoft and their new stance on open source. Funny how things can change.

  • bastian gatten
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    I believe its going to happen. But I think they will wait till they release the next multicore generation iphone that can handle flash. The only bad that that could happen is failing to be able to run flash on the current iphone 3g and first gen.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Josh,

    That's true, iPhone's Safari browser gives you the best mobile browsing experience and not being able to view Flash based sites especially most of the video sites has been a major letdown.

    Apple definitely needs to work with Adobe to bring Flash player to the iPhone.

    If they don't then competition will force them to do that to ensure users like you don't think about buying a Palm Pre.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Andrew,

    I agree that Apple needs to work with Adobe just like they have worked with Google to bring apps like YouTube and Google Maps (I am sure they are doing that as we speak based on comments by Adobe execs).

    To be fair to Apple, they don't need external force to innovate as we have seen with the iPod family of products.

    If they don't, so-called iPhone killers such as Palm Pre will keep Apple honest and ensure that they focus aggressively on innovation.

    In my opinion, the problem with Microsoft is not about being open or closed, they have just stopped making cool products period which hasn't been the case with Apple.

  • Kontra
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    Flash versus Open

    Perhaps one thing we can all agree on is that the future of the web, mobile or otherwise, will be more or less open. That would be HTML, MP3, H.264, HE-AAC, and so on. These are not proprietary Adobe products, they are open standards…unlike Flash.

    In confusing codecs with UI, Wilson keeps asking, “why is it tha[t] most streaming audio and video on the web comes through flash players and not html5 based players?” The answer is rather pedestrian: HTML5 is just ramping up, but Flash IDE has been around for many years. Selling Flash IDE and back-end server tools has been a commercial focus for Adobe, while Apple, for example, hasn’t paid much attention to QuickTime technologies and promotion in ages. It’s thus reflected in adoption patterns.

    Hopefully, this summary will clear Wilson’s blind spot:

    Apple is betting on open technologies (as it makes money on hardware) while Adobe (which only sells software) is betting on wrapping up content in a proprietary shackle called Flash.


    Does "A VC" have a blind spot for Apple?

  • Azhar
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    if adobe says they are releasing flash player for iphone as well then it will be a confirmation that apple is working on the next big thing. so when working with apple, one has to be very secretive.

  • newlights
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    I think Microsoft has become reactive in product development, instead of proactive.
    Microsoft need to start selling more of thier own product lines tailored to suit thier os specifically but also looking " Cool " and having Cool functionality, if they are to keep up with apple in the longrun.

  • Kray-Z
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    A little off subject but i couldnt find link on how else to contact you guys, but clippy just upgrated and became hella better, i havent had time to play around with it and see all the new features but its deffinatly changed. Thought I would update you guys, since i know how hard it is to cover all angles

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Kray-Z,

    Thanks for the tip. Have you checked out
    ℏClipboard<?" rel="nofollow">>?
    We think its better than Clippy though Clippy offers features such as SMS
    copy which is not available in
    ℏClipboard<" rel="nofollow">>

    It looks like Ryan Petrich, the developer of Clippy has also released a
    search plugin for Clippy.

    We will check it out and write about it if we observe useful changes in the
    new version since our last update:

  • Kray-Z
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    i actually have both, and use which ever is most conveniant for the application im using it with. But thanks for the heads up.

  • Andrew
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    It is true that coolness is a big factor and you are right, to a certain extent, that MS is falling behind because of it's lack of coolness. However, Apple is revolved around consumers while MS is simply trying to be part of everything.

    But cool things come out of innovation. I brought up MS because Windows became the mainstream OS due to its ease of use. But over the years, it's lack of innovation and apparent lack of care to is why rivals such as Apple and Linux are gaining footholes.

    Apple just started so there isn't much to worry yet, but what if somehting better than simple touch screen comes out? What if iPod's no longer innovates after the iPod touch due to no competition? Apple needs to stay on it's heels and continue to innovate and not say of how their proprietary soft/hardware is superior and no one is above. But I find this logic flawed and they definitely will have quite some competition. So I am just saying they need to continue to innovate.

  • steven
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    Ya I agree completely all mobile safari needs is flash to be the icing on its dominant cake. I have an Iphone 3g, and intend on buying the new Iphone which is speculated to be announced in June.

    If apple doesn't incorporate flash it will really disappoint me (among millions of other users) to the point where we actually might get new phones ( like the pre or n97 for instance) rules!:D

  • a
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    Hulu and Club Penguin!