Preview Website Reveals More Details of Metal Gear Solid for iPhone; Disappointing?

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imagePreview Website Reveals More Details of Metal Gear Solid for iPhone; Disappointing?

When Konami announced that they will be releasing their stealth action video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns for the Patriots for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store aptly called Metal Gear Solid Touch, I was very excited. They recently launched a preview website for their upcoming...

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  • iPhoneNinja
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    Hope they don't ruin one of the best story lines of all time for a quick buck. I have this game on ps3 (obviously) and I played it again right after I beat it truly is an amazing game!

  • Pete
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    26.5 units worldwide??? That's amazing! :P

  • Josh
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    Well you know that this game will be a simple arcade style, simply because its on the iPhone. So dont expect anything as impressive game-play wise as the Nokia version.

  • Marcus
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    i wont be buying this because i cant play mgs in this style i love the series too much to handle the minimalist graphics like this again

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  • Patrick
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    Well said Marcus, I love this game too much to play it on the iPhone. I hope no one is expecting some advance game play because they will be seriously disappointed.