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    Apple's New iPhone to Support Significantly Faster Internet Connectivity?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple's New iPhone to Support Significantly Faster Internet Connectivity?

    You might have read about the references to new iPhones and new iPod Touch in iPhone firmware 3.0 beta and also the interesting screenshot from iPhone Firmware 3.0 beta which is labeled "Publish Video" which indicates that video recording capabilities could be coming to the next generation iPhone. We now...

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    • MarcusMarcus Posts: 91
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      i cant either i hope they dont wait till may or something i would like to know pretty soon so i can start saving up my money to upgrade to the new phone

    • BrettBrett Posts: 104
      via Wordpress

      maybe apple will have the hardware capabilities in the new iphone for when 4g is up and running by at&t

    • NourNour Posts: 12
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      At&t and apple got scared because they got sued for their slower
      3G network

    • Jonny HJonny H Posts: 47
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    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      If there's a *significant* hardware upgrade then yes i will eventually purchase one on 'pay and go' as i did with my 3g/8.
      The drawback with pay & go is that all new phones released here (UK) are held for 'contract only' with packages that are just plain rubbish
      I'm currently on O2, all my mates are on O2, for £15 a month, i get free calls & texts to O2 numbers. I talk to the other half for hours for free, A contract handset gives me limited mins and texts, so even if the next gen is a market buster, i'll still have to wait (or work overtime for weeks then face unhappy otherhalf who wants to go to Disneyland but iv'e just thrown £600+ at a sim free phone that only works on O2 lol )

      Cant wait to see what it looks like tho, that's going to be a buzz, see if Apple listened to the masses, i hope they do/have

    • MOMO Posts: 132
      via Wordpress

      Hmm if the new chips are going to be here by mid year, does that mean we can see a new iPhone without those chips, and later on after see a new iPhone with those faster chips? I'm thinking by mid year new iphones will come out and I don't think apple can get those chips and release them fast. I wonder if the new iPhones price will be the same.

    • IT BuzzIT Buzz Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      aah thats really good to know. I think i must start saving money to but this gadget. Thanks for sharing

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