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    iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta Reveals New iPhones and New iPod Touch

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta Reveals New iPhones and New iPod Touch

    Based on Phil Schiller's, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing statement to David Pogue of New York Times at Macworld 2009, I am quite confident that Apple will be announcing their next generation iPhone in June which would come bundled with iPhone firmware 3.0 announced a couple of...

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    • hijzhijz Posts: 2
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      i wonder what are new hardwares will be putted on the next gen iphone...

      one-seg tv, infrared(japanese extremely use them)? a better camera? camera flash? nike+ ?

      a faster cpu is for sure.

    • MOMO Posts: 132
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      Yayyyyy moment I was waiting for. I would like to see a better camera for sure. More ram, CPU, and possably a 32 gig model.

    • Ben LloydBen Lloyd Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      32gb will be the obvious choice in upgrade for the Iphone as well as a new CPU... Not sure about anything else, doubt they will add more RAM.

    • MarcusMarcus Posts: 91
      via Wordpress

      Camera with zoom feature video recording, bigger storage for lower price more ram would be great and a more stable safari

      via Wordpress

      3.0 thats it folks nowt else this year i promise

    • Free Iphone nowFree Iphone now Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      How about flash for the iphone?

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
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      The technology currently exists to allow *
      *1Gb RAM (1xchip, quad split ~ 4x256 sectors)
      *Quad core processors (switchable to handle background apps and waaaaay faster wifi connections)(or allow the current processor to be recalibrated to 625mhz)
      *100 gig flash memory chips ARE available (but require a LOT of power)
      *Upgraded hi power battery pack (user upgradable) would be a nice touch (for the 100gig flash lol) would let us be able to use our phones all day without looking for a recharge after heavy usage
      *Full speed UMTS/HSDPA/3G (network dependant tho)
      *A 3.2 to 5 Mpixel camera with video (30 ~ 120fps) and full featured camera/video software to match it
      Voice controlled app selection with voice to text software for input
      Text to voice over all apps
      TomTom software
      Cydia alongside(cr)Appstore (NEVER EVER happen but hey ho, it's 'MY' wishlist)

    • martin dorfmannmartin dorfmann Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      i dont want apple 2 produce another iphone i like my 3g and i dont want somebody holding a 4g tell me u r old!!!
      selfish right ?!

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      Quote/main article ~ So why is there a reference to "iPhone3,1"? I think that's because Apple is probably working on iPhones; a generation, two generations ahead which probably explains the reference to "iPhone3,1".

      What's your take? Do you think Apple will release two new iPhone models?

      Would the 3,1 not just refer to an advancement of the 3.0 o/s? every software company that advances it features beyond the required release standards will keep a record of it for possible debugging and future release, take 'Copy & Paste' (oooh the hype surrounding a feature loads of us already use, Clippy etc) Apple said it wasn't 100% ready..... now.....all of a sudden..... it's a 'new' feature!!
      Whats to say there won't be a 3.1 o/s before an iphone 3,1, an o/s that comes with 1100 API's and 120new features, ones that just wont be ready by summer???
      Most mass production marketing companies look many years in front of themselves, constantly trying to direct the market or at least judge the ebb and flo of the consumer (us) fancies, it just so happens that for us, the visitors of and other similar sites, Apple got it right
      (Blackberry owners think the same about their devices.....But we know they are soooooo very wrong ;> )
      I would like to see a newer version of the iphone, but only if it has EVERYTHING RIGHT FIRST TIME!!!!!!!

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      If Apple wants to up the game, they will definitely need to bring most of these features (excluding Cydia as it ain't going to happen) to the next gen iPhone.

      iPhone firmware 3.0 preview definitely indicated that we could see apps from Gramin, TomTom etc.

    • MOMO Posts: 132
      via Wordpress

      I said the same thing when the 3g was coming out. I really didn't want apple to make another phone and me having an older model. But since I haven't upgraded to the 3g even having the chance to, I waited this long for a new iPhone because there wasn't much difference between the 3g and first gen besides 3g and gps and improvements on couple things like the speaker.

    • AzharAzhar Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      I believe that Apple will release a pure handheld gaming console alongside a brand new iphone. The gaming console will have physical controls and will target children as not all children will get an expensive iphone or ipod touch every time Apple decides to up the hardware

    • Gilberto ArellanoGilberto Arellano Posts: 32
      via Wordpress

      I agree with most people that said that the changes are gonna be more dramatic now. I also have a gut feeling that apple will flip the script on the iPod classic and transform it like a deceptacon, I'm thinking a higher capacity iPod touch like 3.0 interface since I think this is a higher end market that those app developers are missing out on. It was nice knowing ya iPod classic.

    • NateNate Posts: 58
      via Wordpress

      I just want to mention one feature that I have NEVER seen anyone request... iReal SMS! Have you guys used this? I have it and don't know what I'd do without it. It gives you the ability to "QuickReply" to any text without having to close out of the app that you're in. You can also QuickSend a text while in any app or even the lockscreen. It lets you forward texts and all that. I would wish for apple to really use this. Having to close and app, go to sms, reply, then try to continue what I wasa doing only to have them reply again is so frustrating lol. Anyone else agree!? Give it a try, It's more than worth it!

    • MarcusMarcus Posts: 91
      via Wordpress

      I would also like to have wireless charging like the palm pre is rumored to have

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      Yeah, i use iRealSMS 2.0
      Fantastic bit of sms software there.
      I saw a cracked version being used on a mates phone so tried it on his then liked it so much i bought it same day. (i'd like to see demo before purchase, which i why i semi agree with cracked apps)
      The drawback i find with landscape mode is that typing is so much quicker and i tend to forget to stop at 160chars, my texts to the other half hit 9 texts sometimes (before you say it......i have a 16gb in white wrapped up for mothers day from our girls lol)
      As Nate says "Give it a try" it really is top quality!!

      Hopefully, Apple will see iRealSMS and purchase the rights to add it to the next gen iphone (i'd be happy to think that Apple have resources checking forums like this, Downloading everything Cydia has to offer and looking at implementing some of it for inclusion with future releases and hopefully take on board what were asking for)

    • DanDan Posts: 348
      via Wordpress

      i just want the new one lol
      hmmm any one think its advisable to get rid of my iphone 3g now while its still worth alot?
      16gb 3g version...
      hmmm its tempting...

    • TimWetterTimWetter Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      I'd hold on to it for a while, wait & see what the tech-heads say about it first, there's bound to be a huge debate then wait a bit longer for the Devs to upload to Cydia and see what arrives (Well, thats my plan anyway)

    • earthsoutcastearthsoutcast Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      It would not surprise me if a new model comes out pretty soon. I did notice at Walmart about a week ago they had started clearancing all ipods but two including the classic and touch. This move is kinda of unusual especially since a manager told me the order to clearance came from home office.

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