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    Apple Working on 32 GB High-End iPhone and Low End 3G Version?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Working on 32 GB High-End iPhone and Low End 3G Version?

    According to a research report published by analyst Daniel Amir from Lazard Captial Markets; Apple is working on two new iPhones. He believes that Apple is working on a high-end iPhone with 32 GB of flash memory and a low-end 3G version which will be released in June. Here are...

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    • DeanDean Posts: 125
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      what about the flash light for the camera?

    • bastian gattenbastian gatten Posts: 43
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      ill be to broke to upgrade anyways.

    • MarcusMarcus Posts: 91
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      As long as it has all the rumor3d stuff that we have been talking about in other posts I will be ready to upgrade in June

    • MOMO Posts: 132
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      Sounds great, but hopefully the high end model wont be pricey.

    • Jacob SpinneyJacob Spinney Posts: 11
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      Seeing as the software is getting closer and closer to seamlessly streaming documents, photos, music, videos, etc. from your home computer, I see no need for higher storage space.

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      Well if the new iPhone only features more storage and a better camera I think I'll just keep with my 16gb iPhone and upgrade next year to the new new iPhone :-)

    • hxcloshxclos Posts: 353
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      "I am quite confident that Apple will release the next generation iPhone in June but I doubt they will release two new iPhone models." I remember I was going to comment predicting the release of a high end and a low end versions when you first wrote that but still can't think of what the differences might be. I think Apple wants to go back to where they started... $600 or at least $400. Forget the competion, we know the iPhone wins. The only way they can raise the price is by competing with itself and offering 2 new iPhones. I doubt a bigger hard alone is swaying many customers towards the pricier one, but other factors might.

    • RiyaRiya Posts: 1
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      sounds great but the low end version does not sound interesting as it is expected to work only 3G and might not have Wi Fi support and I doubt the High version is pricey

    • zorrozorro Posts: 12
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      It would be pretty shocking if there wasn't a 32gb iPhone on the cards for June. That can't be it though if Apple expect many to upgrade from the 3G...

    • GrantGrant Posts: 4
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      Doesn't surprise me. Apple is constantly improving their products.

    • mozmoz Posts: 63
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    • TyrusTyrus Posts: 0
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      What about a better battery. . . Apple has been advertising a 5 year 1000 charge laptop battery. with long usage times between charges.

      HP has something similar that is deemed to be "ultra safe" (no more laptop fires) and be able to charge to 80% capacity in under an hour

      -- that along with the background app and more efficient screen should allow days vs hours between charges if the technology is available for iPhone batteries

    • SuperfreakSuperfreak Posts: 47
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      I would upgrade, but you just can't believe everything you read. I mean a while back there were rumors of an iPhone Nano. So... I'll just wait and see.

    • SuperfreakSuperfreak Posts: 47
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      Will the high end iPhone version be 3G?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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      Yup, in fact we are hearing rumors that the next generation iPhone will support faster Internet connectivity:

      But as you mentioned earlier, these are just rumors so we should accept them with a pinch of salt. But we can expect Apple to significantly up the ante against competition from upcoming smartphones such as Palm Pre.

    • AndrewAndrew Posts: 168
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      I hope the price point stays where to be honest because $200 sounds perfect. And sorry to say, but not even Apple is immune to the economy. A lot of people already has the 3G so there's no way to get a renewal on their contracts for cheaper phones. So, they must sway the 2G and Blackberry crowds to join them, or even new comers in the smartphone world.

      But anything in the midst of 400$ would definitely hinder sales, especially when most people worry about their job futures rather than a plastic phone.

    • nanoBLASTnanoBLAST Posts: 2
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      Andrew Said:

      "especially when most people worry about their job futures rather than a plastic phone."

      The truth is... those who have an iPhone now does not have the reason to worry bout their job... Neither do I.... O owe an iPhone 3G and I know why I can allow this to myself... it is very simple... I am from Hungary, but I live, work and study in Scotland. You think I must do it hard to stay alive? no I dont have to. as u can see my english is almost as good as my mother lng (Hungarian)... I can make myself clear to others easily, my comm skills are perfect... and even more important... not every scottish person does their job as good as I do mine... therefore: I dont have to worry 'bout my job. and yet something more important... I can keep my iPhone and use it as I supposed to use it... Recession is a disadvantage for those only who are scared about their future... I am not. even if thing will go wrong. I wont sit down and say "****"... I go and find another job... (this is difficult for lazy ppl only... not ppl like me...)

      so... I say... stop crying and stand onto your feet and show who you are... someone who owes an iPhone... which means: you are a respectful person... and you will be...

    • via Wordpress

      Nano U suck dude ! Rofl that statement of u being a perfect conversator just took me off haha.

    • ZoltanZoltan Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      ill go broke TO upgrade

    • Kane61Kane61 Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Is it possible to release in June ???
      I can't find any information about that 32GB iPhone3G in

    • The Dead TicketsThe Dead Tickets Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      before the time it might be all rumors but if it launched so its amazing.

    • Dream QuotesDream Quotes Posts: 0
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      i also agree with it the launching of it prove it truths.

    • eve iskeve isk Posts: 0
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