Steve Jobs' Thoughts On Flash



  • HC
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    No wonder Steve's last name is morons give him BJ's all day.

  • John
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    A more fitting example would be the keyless start from toyota. I love that feature, but I can't go into a honda dealership and demand they install it on the honda I wanna buy. They'll tell me to go buy a toyota if that's the feature I want.

    You talk about rights? Companies have rights as well. They don't have to submit to petty demands. Apple isn't a monopoly. There are plenty of alternatives. Exercise your right to choose.

    I don't put you down for your preference in phones, so there's no need to put anyone else down who prefer something different than you. I simply said on this topic that if you don't like an apple product, just buy something else.

    I don't like "something else" which is why I buy apple products. Same concept applies to you.

    The only idiots are the ones who spend hard earned money on a product and know that the product does not support the feature they want. LOL to that!

  • Joker69
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    Just wait for the Government to step in from all over the world because of Apples practices, with the help from AT&T, the most "shitty" network....

  • steve bald head
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    everybody lets start removing Flash off their pc and see how well it performance then start to spread the words.........and the end of Flash is near. -_-

  • Joshua Parker
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    I'm a website designer who always hated Flash. Being a designer my platform has alway been Mac OSX. Flash has alway crashed my browser and performed sluggish. It's a difficult to understand action script 2.0 and 3.0 and the different publishing standards for each script.

    JQuery (javascript) has been a dream to use. HTML 5 video (H.264) is the perfect platform to view video crisp and clear.

    I hope Adobe and Microsoft will get there head out there ass soon and adopt the growing number of designers using web standards.

    We (designers) are sick of "hacking" code to get things working in these technologies.
    IE 6 must die and Flash must go back to what it was created for, high end programing applications, not video and sideshows.

  • HC
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    John your argument with Honda would make sense if Honda didn't allow you to do it. You are still free to do it yourself...Apple restricts you on a device you own. There is nothing petty from demanding this from a device you own and is capable of doing. This is outrageous. Apple does have the monopoly of the best phone and buying another phone isn't really what I want.

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    Somewhere back there I mentioned a Nokia n900 i bought which supports Flash. I should point out I also have an iPhone 3G 16gig.

    To be clear, its not about loving Nokia over Apple. Apple makes sleek devices. When I bought my iPhone a few years ago flash support was coming soon. Apple employees were saying so in the stores. I think they fully believed that. Unfortunately Steve Jobs shoved his head back up his own disposal chute so far all he could hear was his own ego.

    Flash will never ever ever come to the iPhone. Jobs wants your money, all of it for the basic functionality that every computer has had for years. He held back copy and paste for god's sake.

    I do think Flash is often abused for putrid purposes online. Adverts, content protection, asinine video loaders that could be done far better in other ways. Regardless of this Flash is part of the online experience. The iPhone I bought was portrayed as being fully internet website capable. It never has been and never will be.

    Steve Jobs and his minions at Apple mislead you. They are nothing but con men(con women too). They now have the effrontery to put out a tablet that lives in the same walled garden of limited functionality where you have to purchase and repurchase basic functionality.

    I have used Apple computers for many years. I will never ever buy another Apple product until they clean up their act.

    Just so you know the difference i can run full open office on a nokia n900 not just a file viewer. Walled gardens are cute novelty devices. Trendy for a while, but soon to be a passing fad.

  • Apelpapa
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    i do think flash is a little buggy, but still i think you should at least have an option to get it or not... as long as when you download it you get all the warnings it shouldnt be a problem... right?

  • Lyger000
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    We Should be given the choice as to whether we use Flash or not regardless of the code from adobe being crap or useless.
    Apple tend to bully the customer and push them into a corner, yes their products are good when they work (IOS4 and Iphone4 pushed out unfinished) but Apple seem to have a like it or lump it attitude towards the customer which considering the price of their products seems a bit harsh.
    Apple shouldnt continue to depend on their fan base and should treat the customer fairly, in this day and age why not include a memory card slot in a phone and why lock the carrier? its because of greed and the lack of respect for the customer apple i believe were the first to charge for a firmware upgrade? Many Apple users would pay for the next iphone if it was an empty shell and let Apple sell them the components one at a time for an extortionate price, while the apple fan base is blindly buying their products apple will continue to be greedy and inconsiderate ! (Yes I have an iphone purley on the fact its jailbroken and can be improved, if apple stop the geniuses out there who give us jailbreaks then they take away a choice for us to do as we want with a potentially awesome product.)

  • doctorsid
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    Steve Jobs is becoming another Bill Gates. He doesnt want Flash on his stuff so he can control what you buy instead of get for free. There is no comparison to what you can do in Flash against HTML 5. This whole argument really is about video playback. HTML 5 cant come close to the timeline based stuff you can create in Flash.

    If Adobe stopped making Photoshop for the mac, I know Steve would have to change his plans, or just not make computers anymore and stick to phones and overpriced magazine readers. Without Adobe, there is no mac desktop need.

  • Robbie
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    What the hell us wrong with u peopl? Flash is widely used all over the web and I think it would be great to have it on the iPhone, I just wish frash worked on iPhone 3G :(

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    What are you talking about, "You can't use a PDF without Acrobat?" You can uninstall Adobe Acrobat and replace it with Nitro, which can handle everything Acrobat handles. Speaking of which, is there non-Adobe software that can run Flash files? Can't Apple pursue ways to handle these files with their own programming?Let's hear from some actual programmers, please!
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    I do not think you understood what Steve was getting at. Perhaps if you read the letter again with a little more understanding it will be come clearer to you.
  • Really! People
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    Wow. So much hatred among us users. Look, the truth is out there. Some of us are living in denial. I'm not taking on any side. Fad or trend will come and go. If you look past the secret agenda then you will really know, however with disappointments. Everyone have different needs. Just remember to not follow, but to lead. Freedom of choice within limitation will have you always wondering. Freedom with no limits is the best
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    I use flash everyday on my pc and mac, and never came across any security issues with it. It also runs smoother than many other programs. Wht i can't view on the iphone i view on the pc, no problem with that. The problem is the lack of choice that apple gives to its customers, both when it comes to appss and customization/tweaking. That's why all my idevices are jailbroken. But that's my personal opinion.Bottom line, if you are happy to have the standard things, use a normal idevice, otherwise, jailbreaking is free (and u actually get a port of flash as well that way), with its risks of course. Everyone's choice.