Apple Starts Selling Square Credit Card Reader For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch - The Future Of Payment



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    Me and a few of my friends have square and we all love it, it works great and fast, I recommend it to anyone not just small business but anyone that sells on CL or having a yard sale.
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    Not all of them have the chip ass hole so I'm pretty sure people wouldn't want it that way
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    That's funny - I got mine from Square for free (I only have to wait for 3 days via USPS delivery - even shipping is free).
  • macdaddy
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    For the sake of accuracy the deposit limit is $1000 per week. Amounts over $1000 per week are held for 30 days. You can request that the deposit limit is raised if this does not fit your business model. See
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    iPhoneHacks Pleas remove "Your Momma's" comments!
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    BUYER BEWAREwe have a spotless D&B credit rating and as the owner I have a spotless credit rating ( 725 ) when filling out square's application, it came back denied, but we can use square to accept cash. I assume it means "debit" cardslooking into help and support a little more, I discover they have no live support, no phone numbers to call with merchant related questions not even an email address to e-mail, you have to use the website help blog then "contact us" form.the rate of 2.75% is a pretty high number but given the $0.00 startup fee for the casual user it may not be a bad way to go, but I find the lack of a number to call for help disturbing. returning mine and closing account
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    well, you really owned him! suppose you must be a hero!
  • filthyjason
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    I got one of these free a few months ago. I've only used it a few times, but it's pretty cool. Just go to www.squareup.comThey process thru chase, for what it's worth. my buddy works there and heard about it right when it was coming out
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    Just downloaded this app from my iPhone app store for free Setup an account fir freeDidn't ask for billing info just my address After setting up the account it said that I will receive my scanner in the mail shortly I'm wondering if everything is free now or am I getting a bill in the mail with my scanner? Hopefully everything free now I will update after I get the unit in the mail
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    I've been using Square since October for our business and without it I wouldn't be in business now. Its been a life saver to accept credit cards in person and over phone. The fees are cheaper than Bank of America wanted and the start up cost was nothing. Already had iphone and android phone. Best thing for us! Thank You Square.
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    Who's right arm?jk. Id ship one to u If i could jest got one for my remodeling business its the best all u do is add the 2.75% onto the charge and it cost u nothing ( of corse letting them know)but its great
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    Understand American sent Credit cards only but will it accept Canadian Debit Cards, AKA "Cash"?
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    huh? sending an audio signal over the air to the mic? no sir. it goes from the square through the microphone THEN the data gets encrypted and sent out to the servers for payment. its secure as can be.
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    Why on earth is PayPal costing you $30 a month? That's crazy. No way you should be paying that.
  • Julie
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    I know that this article is a year old and there have been so many more mobile credit card processing solutions that have come out since then, but for those of you who are interested, you should definitely check out PhoneSwipe via I switched from Square to PhoneSwipe for multiple reasons including Square's lack of customer service, their flimsy card reader, and the fact that they held my funds for a month without giving me an explanation why!! Their concept was neat and very innovative... but their business model is awful.
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    Why is it that you have to give all your personal information just to try the product? I would like to try the software on my iPad to see if the software is something I want before giving all of my personal information over the Internet. Is there a demo of this product? If so where do I get it? All I want to do is see if it is really for me. It looks great from all the marketing out there, but how can I test drive this product?
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    Do u know if this app works for jailbroken iPhones ?
  • Chris Baxter
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    We use the Square app for business, and I have to say (Register) is a great application. It really takes the mess out of not only invoicing customers (as I can faux-bill without a card and figure all my register activities) but also to accept cards that most businesses cannot take. (Did you hear it takes gift-cards?) Makes you wonder if you can change those christmas giftcards out with your square app for cash! :PI will post if I ever have a problem with mine, but for now, it seems the free shipping and ordering is a great hook.