Nokia Lumia 900 Not Good Enough For European Carriers

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imageNokia Lumia 900 Not Good Enough For European Carriers

Although Nokia's Lumia 900 seems to be selling well in the U.S., the company is having a tough time convincing European carriers to carry the phone on their networks. 

Reuters reports:

Four major telecom operators in Europe, where the phones have been on sale since before Christmas, told Reuters the new Nokia Lumia smartphones were not good enough to compete with Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy phones.


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  • Dan
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    I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have looked at the phone when I was in a store. I think it actually looked pretty good. I didn't liked the design (and everything else) as mush as I like it on my 4S but I think it was a good effort compared to all the Android iPhone knockoffs you see these days. However I don't plan to buy one since I change my phone each year to the newest iPhone. And I actually don't know anyone who has one, a Lumia of any kind. I work for 4 TV Stations and all my co-workers has smartphone. But I think about 25% are Androids and the 75% is iPhone. I think if Microsoft is going to have success it will have to be when they combine both PC, Tablets and Phones together with the same OS (Windows 8). Then I think they will have a better ground to stand on compared to Google or Samsung for that matter. I can't see Nokia as being a winner in the long run. They used to be but they aren't anymore.
  • Piru
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    Lumina fail !!!! It's fact.
  • Gillian
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    R.I.P. Symbian OS, you will be missed
  • Lahey
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    It's not just the phone. For people to switch, Nokia or Microsoft or someone has to entirely replace the useful bits that already exist. So, Nokia will have to replace an iPhone, iCal, iTunes, Mail, iPhoto, and so on, with a suite that is integrated at least as tightly. The phone itself seems quite nice frankly, so it's not the hardware at issue. It's the ecosystem. That's the point with Apple -- if you want an open ecosystem, go somewhere else. The closed ecosystem is just that -- closed.
  • Piru
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    Ecosystem ????LMAO !!!! lol
  • Chris
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    Honestly, they should partner with Amazon to make an Amazon branded Android phone. I think this would work out much better for them, as Amazon can integrate everything very well when combined with Android.I honestly think that Windows phone is too late to the party and will ultimately fail.
  • Rounak
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    Microsoft, I assume, takes care of that problem with its suite of software.
  • Hmmm?
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    It's annoying when people say Microsoft is in trouble. Haven't you heard their Q3 earnings? They will be around for quite a while so no need to worry. And Windows 8 is not completely Metro. If you want you can switch to a similar setup as Windows 7. The only trouble for them is the fact that the Tablets are unable to run PC apps unless they are ported but that is to be expected. I, for one, am interested in playing around with Windows 8 RT. And with the amount of Businesses who are yet to upgrade to Win 7 I can easily see them upgrading to this instead.
  • Jonny Cash
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    The explination is simple, EU data plans suck. They make you pay alot even with 1year planned and stuck to a network with a lousy plan. It starts to compensate if you get a 2year but no one i s gonna get a 2 year plan and buy a Nokia, NO ONE!!Or you fall in love with the phone, that can happen cause it has a lovely design in my opinion, other than that it will fail.There is 1 way to start selling them, sell them to the operators at a really low price, and get a deal with the operators to sell them for low also. Its the only way. Cause people know if they buy a iPhone they pay more but if they want to sell them they wont lose much, Android you lose more but there are more Android knowledge to be able to sell it too.The problem is that EU is €ucked up economic speaking, and no one makes a stand to change the situation
  • Brett
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    Dont have the restrictions that ios and android do and market it as so. Let it almost do anything and be able to integrate into almost any other device. Apple are restricted to iTunes for streaming unless you jailbreak Apple TV. I cant watch live TV on my iPad unless I pay $100's to buy a compatible unit, but with my t box and apple TV and Xbox I dont have room anyway. Android has to piggyback other platforms to be able to stream unless you have a smart tv or another box(no room). Microsoft have a big opportunity to take advantage of the high percentage that use Microsoft products already, especially pc's. Anything you can do on a pc should be available for the smartphones and tablets, but they better hurry up as the rest a catching up.
    EZFiXNY Posts: 19
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    Here is my 2 cents on this subject on not good enough for Carriers.There is no question about it Samsung Galaxy and iPhone is way better no matter where you look. Device, infrastructure, apps, support and long term plans. We you say tell us something we don't know already, well there is no easy fix for problem Nokia is currently having but I know this. Nokia have over 30 years experience of phone making, Microsoft have so much money available they can keep afloat for another 20 years without doing a thing, but this is not an option for them so how about this. Create a let's say 5 year plan and start from scratch. And I mean from scratch anywhere from new glass technology and body design to developing proprietary SoC. Invest and don't try to come up with a device in next 6 months but yes take a beating but in 5 years you can create a platform that will actually be interested more than Apple ..... nah who I am kidding .,.. Apple made like 20 billion last year and they have 4 more models of iPhone already planned by Jabs and It'll take decades for MS and Nokia to reach them ..... damn it and I started this post with so much hope and energy....... oh well RIP Nokia ....(my N95 8GB still somewhere ...i think)
  • Pete
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    I doubt Android 4.0 ICS would even run on a single core Lumia.Nokia Lumias have only a single core processor while others are already moving from dual core to quad core. The screen resolution is one generation behind the competition who are now up to 1280 x 720 screens.I heard the Lumias will not be upgradable to Windows Phone 8. If that is true, it is a monumentally spectacular blunder, and that alone will probably kill Nokia. Nokia are a long way behind the competition.Microsoft didn't help with WP 7.5 not being scalable for differing screen resolutions - another spectacular blunder.The result is that text on the 4.3" Lumia 900 looks much worse than a lot of the competition.The only way Nokia will shift the Lumia range is by selling to carriers and the public at half the price of the competition, because that is what they are worth.
  • Arjan
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    Exactly my thoughts, however as long as dirt-cheap-plastic android devices costs >400 euros a Lumia cannot be less....
  • hassia
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    Hmm the comments here seem to be from people that like to be on the winning team. Everyone seem to have a solution for the fate of the Nokia Phones. This argument about dual cores are great if you want to see specs,e.t.c, however your average consumer has not a clue to the difference. There is then the argument as to storage all of a sudden 16GB is not enough ???? I do wish the resolution of the phone was a bit higher, however I will still buy the phone. There are a few apps that I will have to wait for OK, it's not going to kill me.
  • Antonia
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    You are all correct about the statements, BUT the joke is in the fact that companies haven't moved to office 2010 and windows 7 because of the learning curve of windows and specially office. so going to a metro interface is completely out of the question, but you said yourself.... no need to run metro... so if i am going to run Windows 8 that looks like 7 or XP , why do it to begin with ?
  • eckon
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    actually, the word fits his argument ^^
  • Mikey
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    I am looking for a nice sharp mobile phone that has very good telephone reception. Nokia says the 900 has 7 antenna, thus the reception will be very good. As for apps, who on God's earth has time to play games while staring down at a little piece of glass. Not me. I want my phone to help make life more convenient.
  • tiago
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    Well to be honest you say it all Mikey. Nowadays you can feed people phones with increasingly amazing specs, dual or even quadcores and tell them at the same time their phones will be worthless as phones and they will still buy them by the millions just because they have the most powerful processors and run the most trendy applications everyone else likes. Nokia will ultimately be swallowed because in a way they are still trying to deliver something that people do not want anymore, a phone, will not be buying the Lumia 900 because the screen is way too big for my liking but next week going to pick my Lumia 800 cause to be honest as a phone it does everything I need to do and I just fell in love with it.
  • Dick Brode
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    Bought a Lumia 710 - contrary to many posts, Windows Phone is great! And the clarity on the Nokia is some of the best. The smallest text is absolutely clear and readable. Extremely fast and easy to use. And T-Mobile keeps up with the traffic.Couldn't recommend it more.