How-To: Backup the iPhone, Restore from a Backup & Delete a Backup



  • herofish
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    blackra1n RC3 on 3GS needs to be tethered for the reboot, simply attach your 3GS, close itunes, and re-run blackra1n, it will reboot the 3GS and you should be back in business again.

  • Jimmy
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    if iPhone users are looking to backup and restore his or her iPhone to Windows 7 Operating System that are welcome here to get full descriptive info about how Backup iPhone 3GS to Window 7.

  • mbhullar
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    I had the same issue earlier this year. However, my iphone was jailbroken so I was able to log in and copied all the music back to the hardrive (the files get renamed however, when you point itunes to it will read them fine). Likewise your contacts/calendar db file can also be backed up.

    Search on Google as well for other solutions.

  • Andy
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    Hi i currently still using blackra1n jailbreak for my iphone firmware 3.1.2 (new bootroot). I want to upgrade to fireware 3.1.3 but my itune dont allow mi to do so. Can advise mi on this problem. I have downloaded 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 ipsw to upgrade but cannot.

  • ben
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    I am try to transfer all my contacts and setting in 3G to my new unlocked 3GS.
    Does "Restore from Backup" remove the unlock?

  • Francesco
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    Hello, i don't have anymore the signal of my provider.

    What happened?

  • David M.
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    hello there ... i have a problem with my i phone 3g it says is on retore mode but i wont turn on completely after its been updated.. it only says connect to itunes but when i do it keep saying that ... it been unclock already .. so i dont know wut to do with it to make it work ... any ways to make it work ... ?

  • dhari
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    hello guys
    i have problem here please i need some help I`m new with the iphone ...
    i cant restore my iphone to 4.0.1
    i have the new update 4.1
    so what should i do ?

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    A little confused for your article, sorry.

  • sridhar
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    i connected my jailbroken iphone to itunes.accidentally i agreed for software updating..from then my iphone is not working..can any body tell me how to fix this problem..please send reply to [email protected]
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    Hi … i have a problem with my iPhone 3gs it displays USB cable and iTunes .. Please help to make it work...
  • Vishal
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    my iphone 3g is nw filled wid more thn 150 apps iwant to update it to its latest version so want to take back up of all my data i.e. contacts , apps , photos, msgs etc. so tht after updating i can restore all my data specially apps, contacts & msgs. So plz tell me how can i do it?is d back up option in itunes back ups all these i.e apps, contacts , msgs, photos,?plz rply soon..
  • Tom
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    I recently stumbled over a neat little tool called iTwin. It shows you everything like contacts, messages, pictures and more ... Awesome!
  • Hanson
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    Hi iPhoneHacks Team. My problem is that I have a very old iPhone which has never been synced to my iTunes library. I want to back up and transfer my old iPhone contacts to my new iPad. If I sync with iTunes, I will loose all the music on my iPhone. I also checked out some of the apps for iPhone contact transfer, but they all seem to be paid. Is there another free way to extract my old iPhone contacts to my PC and then import them to my new iPad?