UnderCover iPhone App Helps You Recover Stolen iPhone

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imageUnderCover iPhone App Helps You Recover Stolen iPhone

For those who remember,'Find my iPhone' is a feature offered by Apple to MobileMe subscribers that lets them to recover lost or stolen iPhones. Now a Belgian based company named Orbicule has launched an iPhone app that does the same thing and much more. The 'Find My iPhone' feature lets...

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  • CristV77
    CristV77 Posts: 51
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    its another option, and thats what customers wants, "options", so its good, and also its nice to c that apple didnt bann this app, since its the same as a main feature for subscribers, :P, all for the best of the consumers

  • T. Payne
    T. Payne Posts: 25
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    I agree, I have mobile me.. and I can track mine from that... But this is good for people who dont want to subscribe to mobile me.

    More options = Cheaper Services

  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    I only like this because of the money back guarantee. I heard that removing the sim card will basically make any of these gps locators useless.

  • ben
    ben Posts: 235
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    For jailbroken iPhones, there is iLocalis, which is actually more useful because it continually runs a daemon in the background. So the program doesn't actually have to be activated on the iPhone to enable the location tracking. iLocalis charges a fairly reasonable fee of 5 Euros (about $7.50) per year.

  • Gregg
    Gregg Posts: 1
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    iLocalis wins hands down. Text messages when SIM changed, theif can't uninstall, can't restore in iTunes, remote backup, make the phone call or text any number regardless of the SIM, turns back on to update location, location services can't be disabled, push messages to the phone, remote wipe, remote audio recording (hear what the theif is saying), command phone via SMS... the feature set is amazing.

    It almost makes me want to lose my iPhone just to take advantage of the app. OK not really but it is cool.

  • Rahul
    Rahul Posts: 17
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    Hy gregg,Its really good as per your blog .But i'm not able to find this app ..:( can you please tell me the detail (Name of the product .. etc)