Time Warner Cable CEO Has Never Heard of AirPlay

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imageTime Warner Cable CEO Has Never Heard of AirPlay

AirPlay mirroring that was introduced in iOS 4.2.1, allows you to wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to an HDTV in conjunction with an Apple TV.

Though it has been widely viewed as a potential threat to cable providers because of its ability to stream Internet-based video to a television, Time Warner Cable's chief executive officer has never heard of it.

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  • CJ
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    Awsome. How has he never heard of it. Need a new ceo.
  • Que
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  • Apple
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  • Bob
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    Apple tv? Lol, considering how cheap you can buy an Xbox 360 or ps3 at this point, why would anyone be duped into buying one of those. I own an iPhone 4, 3rd gen iPad, and MacBook air. I'll be the first to admit apple is notorious for vendor lock-in. The reason apple tv won't be "serious competition" to actual cable is because the majority of content it allows you watch outside of Netflix is just iTunes (pay-per-episode/season) content. It's exorbitantly expensive (even if the apple tv itself isn't), and doesn't make watching tv any easier than it already is. Many americans also have crap internet connections so streaming HD or waiting for downloads isnt totally practical for all (I live in a rural area and the only options until 3-4 years ago were satellite or dial up). At least a ps3 gets you blu ray (as well as a console) on top of Netflix, if all u use the apple tv for is as a Netflix box.
  • bob
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    They have ads in the guide they pervide! How tacky! So every time you scroll down, you always pick the ad at the bottom. That's fucked up! **** TW!
  • Ed
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    I love my apple TV. I can view my pitchers from my lab top. When I am plãying music from my iPhone 4G/S. If you don't have apple TV. You really don't know what your missing.
  • Elim
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    what else do you know Mr CEO besides $$? maybe next to none......
  • Amit
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    Mans ain't on them things blood
  • Shhhh
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    Man. Can't believe I got 'duped' into buying a $99 Apple TV. I can wirelessly stream all free content from the internet (YouTube, sports, movies), my entire music library, my entire movie/tv show library from my PC. Caused me to cancel my DirectTV and save me $100+ a month. What an idiot I am. Wish I had heard from this guy sooner. Then I could continue to get ass raped on monthly basis for 100+ channels that I never watched. Oh well. Too late now. Morons.
  • Apple employee
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    I can get most if not all apple tv supplies with a cable between my computer and my tv so why would I pay apple for what I have already
  • ios6
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    I do own apple tv 2nd and 3rd gen and to be honest, it's a piece of junk if not jailbroken. The jailbreak version gives you almost unlimited ways to enjoy the Apple TV. My ATV3 is still useless right now waiting to be jailbroken.
  • Bob
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    Uh yup, because you can get access to all of those streaming services by getting an Xbox 360 S arcade model for like $150 brand new. Or a ps3 which you can get refurb'd for 200 and comes with blu ray. Both of those devices can play optical media (eliminating the need for other boxes - the apple tv as it is currently just adds another box), both are a much better value hardware-wise (Sony has just barely broken even on the ps3 and it's been out for years), both can be used to play media in a much wider variety of formats, and actually bring something to your tv that a 3 dollar hdmi cable hooked up to a computer can't already do even better. The fact that apple is going after a smart tv line right now already indicates they are trying to take a much more integrated direction (which will probably integrate optical media at some point).As has been said below, without jailbreaking, it is an extremely limited device. It is clearly intended to just cater to people that are heavily invested in iTunes and watch Netflix - they indeed are the two dominant services on the platform. If you watch more than a just 2-3 shows, then yes, iTunes does become more expensive than even cable television (and all of it has DRM).
  • JimJam
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    I completely agree, without a jailbreak it is apparently obvious why the Apple tv box only costs $99.99. Thats because you have to pay for every single viewable item on the device. Airplay is nice, but not worth $99 if thats all you get out of it. On the other hand, once the device has been jailbroken, the options for streaming media for free really do open up, Especially with a little bit of ingenuity. The best option right now in my experience, is to set up a plex server and install the plex client on the apple tv, or any apple device for that matter, and en stream from the plex server. This allows me to download full hd movies and still watch them on my 720p apple tv 2 (plex transcodes based off of connection speed and device speed). Then when they do jailbreak the apple tv 3, I will be able to install plex on it and stream my full hd videos. Keep in mind plex is not just limited to movies, it also does music and pictures. Not to mention with myPlex (a service plex has built in) I am able to access all of my media anywhere that has an Internet connection. My apple TV's in the house are used far more than the ps3 and Xbox 360 and its smaller, sleeker, and way quiter and far more energy efficient. Also it starts up in about 1/16th the time of either the Xbox or the ps3.
  • Konrad
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    Well everything that's free to watch on my iPad is now free to watch on my HDTV as I stream it from my iPad. That's the whole point of the original story. Connecting the internet to your TV without wires. With Mountain Lion everything on your Mac will be free on your HDTV. Don't worry TWC as a customer I knew you were clueless long before this confirmed it.
  • LoganExplosion
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    They're making T.V.s flat now?! woah. crazy