Rumor: Next Generation iPod Touch Will Available With 3G Data Connectivity This Fall

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imageRumor: Next Generation iPod Touch Will Available With 3G Data Connectivity This Fall

Dutch website – AppleSpot claims that according to their sources, the next generation iPod Touch will be available with 3G data connectivity and will be launched along with iPhone 5 this fall.

According to AppleSpot, iPod Touch 5G will need a SIM card to work on GSM networks just like the iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model to connect to the internet.

AppleSpot reports (translated by 9 to 5 Mac’s reader from Netherlands):

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  • Stan
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    Could be the testing version of the next generation iPhone in 2012? To have a slim design like iPod touch 4G?
  • Oh boy..
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    Not this **** again..
  • apple2orange
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    haha dev team will hack it and transform into iphone as they did with ipad lol !!!!
  • brock
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    I can see this being a cheap version of the apple2orange said it will get turned into a iPhone sooner or later...I wonder if they will make a CDMA version...
  • fas
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    What this reduce the difference between iPhone and iPod.
  • Rob
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    good idea, not every one can afford an iphone/ipad or even get a contract for a phone, were i live there is very little wifi spots but 3g is really good, basicly gonna be like an ipad 3g mini.....the amount of times i wished i had a 3g connection on my touch 1g when iv been out and left my phone...i had to buy a seprate wifi dongle for when i was out and about using my touch....A good idea if apple dont release a cheaper iphone.....
  • matt
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    This would be great. I can just imagine all the iPod Touch owners who get into that "no internet when you need it" situation.
  • Roy
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    If 3G time is available on per use basis like a Tracfone air time purchase i think it could come in as a very useful addition to the market. Especially for those of us who more commonly text than call when using our phones. Just PLEASE dont require a contract and make text time reasonable...i would love to stream music away from a wi fi hotspot with a 3G enabled itouch but i suspect that would be too demanding in time used and therefore cost...
  • Adonis Valamontes
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    Ck out this website... I have been a beta tester for several months now and the service is superb.
  • T
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    Actually, from what I've read, Skype does not work very well when transferred over 3G or possibly even 4G(it just doesn't work)--trust me I would love if it did. Broadband works far better or local wifi.