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    IBM Bans Siri at Work Due to Privacy Concerns

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
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    imageIBM Bans Siri at Work Due to Privacy Concerns

    This is quite bizarre. Wired reports that IBM has banned Siri at work due to privacy concerns.

    If you have bought Apple's new iPhone 4S then you probably know by now that Siri - iPhone 4S' intelligent personal assistant needs an active internet connection for it to work. That's because when you ask Siri to do something, the voice data is sent to Apple's data centers where your request is processed and the results are sent back to your iPhone 4S.

    Read the full story here


    • QueQue Posts: 48
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      Interesting. Very interesting.
    • pontiacpontiac Posts: 3
      via Wordpress
      wh0 cares. do u care admin? noob
    • QueQue Posts: 48
      via Wordpress
      Apparently we will care one day. Microchips embedded at birth are coming soon :-)
    • JesseJesse Posts: 38
      via Wordpress
      If the past is any indication, I would think that IBM is looking to become a competitor in this market. Betting some acquisition in this space is coming soon.
    • RyanRyan Posts: 260
      via Wordpress
      Hey you don't need to be mean with the admin. I have to remind you that this is the U.S and in the U.S, people sometimes tend to worry about bull **** stuffs LMAO
    • Pat lutesPat lutes Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      The info is there already, having a gun doesn't mean it is used to kill, jus saying'.
    • ÄmilÄmil Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Jeanette Horan. Hahahaa!Horan means: The hooker in swedish
    • HumanCentiPadHumanCentiPad Posts: 43
      via Wordpress
      So a loaded gun in the hands of your employees sounds like a safe idea where you already have huge security concerns and responsibility? I think my company should follow suit.. We all think its a childish gimmick anyway, not to mention it doesn't even work and we already know it's stores everything it hears (or sees :-/)
    • ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
      via Wordpress
      "We all think its a childish gimmick anyway"You speak for the world population? That makes you who?"not to mention it doesn’t even work"Have you tried it? Works fine fore me. Great for getting text messages while driving or sending them for that matter. Both illegal to do by hand in my state. By voice I get what I need. Reminders and appointments a lot quicker too. Press one button set a reminder... takes a couple seconds compared to maybe 15 or more typing the reminder."we already know it’s stores everything it hears (or sees :-/)"Seriously your trolling aren't you?..... Sees? really? Its not HAL9000 So again .. who are you?
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