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    Palm Pre Features Compared with Apple's New iPhone (Leaked Specs) & iPhone OS 3.0

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imagePalm Pre Features Compared with Apple's New iPhone (Leaked Specs) & iPhone OS 3.0

    Couple of weeks ago, I had compared Palm Pre with iPhone 3G. Now it's time for the real deal, yes, a comparison between Palm Pre which goes on sale today and the new iPhone (specs are based on details provided by Daring Fireball's John Gruber and those posted by an...

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    • VishnuVishnu Posts: 199
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      Nothing could beat the New iPhone ,and its amazing OS which allow it to play awesome games and tasking,thee open thing its missing is a camera in the front to ichat and video calling,i don't even care about the removable battery for iphone.

    • VishnuVishnu Posts: 199
      via Wordpress

      also we did not get the full real information about the new iphone ,may be it will have more and more upgrade hard drive and design .

    • Mike LeMike Le Posts: 14
      via Wordpress

      I think that the Pre has better messaging though. You cant cite an app (BeejiveIM) as part on a stock iPhone. Its like saying the iPhone has eBay and the Pre doesnt. Also you cant compare the app stores when the Pre's is barely even out. I like the iPhone UI though, I hope the new iPhone has better battery life too. And about Apple being ahead of the game, they are in some areas (simplicity, UI, etc) but were so far behind in otehr things. Copy and paste, a video camera, etc.

    • via Wordpress

      This is such a terrible review. I'm sorry to just randomly hop on your site and then bash your work as it is clear you at least put work into what you were describing, but you are showing that you still don't have a 100% hold of the cellular industry and that you are partial to the iPhone.

      This became most blatant when you compare rate plans and say it's a tie. Are you serious?! Nothing comes close to Sprint when talking about rate plans. Directly compared to the iPhone data plans vs Pre plans, the customer would save anywhere between $20 month ($240 / year) and $50 month ($600 / year). And not only that, if the iPhone would support AT&T's Cellular Video and Telenav Subscription that would be an extra $20 month for AT&T iPhone Users.

      But then let's mention App Stores. While yes, the Palm Prē's App Market is only in Beta still and therefore highly underdeveloped, remember that you have a huge contender in this arena from the Android Market. Yes, in-app purchases are great, but those are marginal gains to developers as opposed to selling full on apps. By the end of this year, the iPhone Leopard OS will only be on three devices where as Android will be up to between 8-15 depending on how fast companies like Samsung and HTC push their product out. Not to mention, Android is open source which means a lot less restrictions to developers to create apps that THEY want to see, and not to be screened through Apple's gates. Further, webOS will also be introduced on multiple devices too, and it is believed that by mid 2010, there will be more devices running webOS as opposed to the iPhone platform which again in terms of numbers, is an easy way to attract the best developers. Lastly, webOS is a platform based off of coding in HTML, JS, and AJAX (all web-development standards) which means you are vastly opening up the gates to the ranges of people of all skill levels to be able to program for this device. Less limits equal greater availability for creativity in programming. Not only that, you don't have to have a Mac to install / run the SDK which means users who do still appreciate their Windows runtime environment (and possibly Linux users too when that releases) will also be able to participate in making the device better than others.

      Yes, I do realize that this blog is only really a comparison between the iPhone and the Prē, but it's annoying to me to see iPhone fan boys who love their product because it is an iPhone.

      Think about how long you (still) couldn't MMS, picture message, video share, (legally) unlock it for world GSM use, remove a battery, or how you can't even place INSURANCE on the device. Why in the world would I pay up to 4x as much for a phone that doesn't do all that.

      But getting back to the other point at hand, I've held the Prē in my hands and I've seen the OLED display used by the iPhone. Yes, physically the screen is smaller on the Prē but it is the same resolution which means that if you visually want to see your Prē at 3.5" across, you'd just hold it a little closer... otherwise pictures will appear sharper on the display because the native resolution is packaged smaller.

      One last point is how you marvel over the (still yet to be released) push notification system. A) It's about time they decided to do this, but more to the point... how can this possibly compare to a true multi-tasking system offered by the Prē. Just like a computer, you are able to see exactly which applications are running in their windows (or "cards" as it's referred to on the webOS platform) and receive any / all notifications that program wants as you know it'll be running.

      Ultimately, I just hope that I've challenged you to think a little bit more (not meant to be derogatory), simply to challenge each reader not to just love an Apple product because it's Apple but find out really what it does and what you get for what you pay for. You (as a consumer) should never have to justify purchasing such an expensive device / long-term payments through monthly rate plans if it doesn't do as much as other options.

    • Riley TestutRiley Testut Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Matthew, since iPhone firmware 1.0, people have been able to jailbreak their iPhones. And, unlike what you said, that is 100% LEGAL.

      Sure Palm Pre is better than the first firmware and first iPhone. The first iPhone was better than the first blackberry. We're comparing the CURRENT firmware and hardware now, so your "the iPhone didn't have [blank]" is not in the right place.

      Finally, check out PreCentral's review of the pre. Look how they make it look better than the iPhone.

    • bryanbryan Posts: 57
      via Wordpress

      Actually, 3.0 has not been released as of this moment... and it is only speculation that it will be released Monday.

      So technically, he is right, we don't have this functionality in our hands at this moment.

      Hopefully it will be released Monday, but I have seen apple do some strange things.

    • TedTed Posts: 35
      via Wordpress

      is apple OS 3.0 coming out on monday?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Hey Matthew,

      First of all, thanks for your comment, we appreciate it.

      Let me respond to the points raised by you.

      Comparison on rate plans: I did say Sprint has an edge. But, you have made a valid point on rate plans, Spring definitely is better than AT&T.

      App Store: You have made some good points on how WebOS will allow lower the bar and allow more people to develop apps as it is based on web development standards. But, the lower barrier does not mean better apps, so we will have to wait and watch. To be fair to Palm, the App Store was launched only after a year iPhone was released. It will be interesting to see how things unfold for Palm's webOS. It would be great to see Palm's app store becoming as popular as the iPhone App Store so it keeps Apple honest.

      MMS, Unlock, Removable battery: MMS is coming in iPhone OS 3.0 which will come bundled with the new iPhone. Yeah, users have been waiting and it was a pity that it took Apple so long to introduce it (and same also goes for copy and paste).

      As for locked iPhone, world would have been a better place if it was possible to use the iPhone across any carrier but its a pure business decision by Apple. If Apple had decided to offer it across carriers then the iPhone would been more expensive as carriers wouldn't have subsidized it as much, many would say that users should have the choice and I completely agree but I'm not sure what percentage would have bought it if they had to pay a high price upfront which probably is the reason it is locked. But I didn't understand why you raised it as Palm Pre is available only on Sprint and is expected to be available on Verizon sometime next year.

      I understand not having a removable battery is an issue for some users and that's the reason I have mentioned it. One of the biggest problem with iPhone 3G is its battery life and removable battery would have allowed me to carry an additional battery while travelling which would have been convinient. I hear Palm Pre's battery life isn't great which is disappointing, I hope battery life of the next generation iPhone is a lot better in which case it will be a non-issue based on my experience using iPods.

      Push Notification Service: I don't think it is the best solution for allowing users to run apps in the background as it would be useless for radio apps, VOiP apps etc. But we have seen the impact of this feature on Android based phone G1. I have heard battery life is a joke with background apps. I run apps in the background on my iPhone 3G using a jailbreak app called backgrounder and can immediately see the impact on battery. So as I have mentioned, it will be interesting to see how Palm Pre performs with background apps.

      I would love to see Apple allow third party apps to run in the background but don't think the resources available on the iPhone are adequate to allow it. We could see background apps capability with improved hardware but until then I think Push Notification Service is a decent workaround.

      As for being biased, I would be lying if I said "no", I'm an Apple fan and just love the iPhone but I have tried to be as fair as possible while writing the review and believe its quite accurate. I'll make changes based on some of your and inputs from other readers to ensure its more balanced.

      I hope this clarifies some of your concerns with the review.

      Thanks again for taking the time and posting the comment. We hope the random hop turn into a regular visit.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      There are speculations that Apple could release iPhone OS 3.0 on Monday.

      We will have to wait and watch.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      We are talking about yet-to-be-announced iPhone here, the third generation iPhone which will most definitely come bundled with iPhone OS 3.0 just like iPhone 3G came bundled with iPhone OS 2.0.

      So the new iPhone will include MMS in its feature list.

      But, yeah this is still a speculation till Apple doesn't announce things officially.

    • terryterry Posts: 28
      via Wordpress

      This is truly unfair since these new iPhone specs are only rumors and we should wait until the new iPhone is released before making such comparisons.

      In other words, comparing the Pre to your dream iPhone is not a very good analysis.

    • mattmatt Posts: 283
      via Wordpress
    • VishnuVishnu Posts: 199
      via Wordpress

      Nothing could beat the New iphone ,and its amazing OS which allow it to play awesome games and tasking,thee open thing its missing is a camera in the front to i chat and video calling,i don't even care about the removable battery for iphone.

    • Gilberto ArellanoGilberto Arellano Posts: 32
      via Wordpress

      I personally think that my current iphone 3g can beat the palm pre.
      With the new os 3.0 since alot of hardware features have been dorment.
      I'm still holding off buying a new fm transmitter wich I think will be in OS 3.0.
      It's funny how you mention the palm pre and they're fan boys follow. I personally don't care about palm.
      I'll let you in on a secret when I got my iPhone 3g last year I slammed my palm treo to the concrete.

    • GilbertoGilberto Posts: 17
      via Wordpress

      How about palm pre coming with a good battery a user replaceble battery just tells you that you'll need a new battery after a year or less.
      Apple is an industry leader in that area. In fact my 2 year old iPhone holds an excellent charge.

    • via Wordpress

      I love the look and features of the new Palm Pre, my husband and I have been having a "who has the better electronics" for years. When the iPhone came out I ran and bought it, and he vowed to get something better and he did, he has the new Palm Pre and I am jealous as hell. lol

      I'll be doing a feature article on the palm pre which will include some talk about the features etc on my Social Networking site for tech people. It should be cool come by and check it out

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Sure, keep us posted.

      Hopefully Apple blows us away with the new iPhone and you can turn the tables by buying it.

    • Huey P. NewtonHuey P. Newton Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      So you guys have separate tv's and blu ray players.
      You sure this marriage is going to work out?

    • MazzMazz Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      this article is hardcore apple biased. How could you say it's a tie on messenging? Get a new job plz.

    • tenentenen Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      i agree with mazz, this is so biased. and if you're doing a review base it on the real thing NOT on paper and rumors.

    • lopsidedlopsided Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Talk about a one sided review. How much is Apple paying you? Let's see..... Palm's Pre can actually cut and paste and the iPhone can't. And the winner is.... the iPhone of course because it starts with an i. Luckily for Apple they released this stone age concept in the new 3GS. What a biased opinion.

    • via Wordpress

      hey, thanks for the writeup. i agree with others that you seemed biased toward apple, but i think some of the comparisons are fair enough. i'm personally planning on getting the 3G S on Friday as soon as it is released, but I'm doing some last-minute looking into the Pre, Storm, G1, soon-to-be-released G2, etc so I don't have any regrets.

      Now that all the information is out, no there is no OLED, but there is much better hardware, features that were missing (video, copy and paste, etc), etc.

      The fact is, the iPhone has a specific combination of features that make it great *for me*, just like if you opt for the Pre, there is a specific feature set you are looking for that make it great *for you*.

      For me here's what I like:

      - Heavy focus on multimedia, which Apple is definitely experienced with. The iPhone very prominently includes iPod capabilities as one of its main functions. I am very big into music -- play guitar, go to concerts all the time, and have an extensive music library. My only complaint is lack of ogg support!

      - Compass that orients GPS maps: I get lost all the time; TERRIBLE sense of direction. This is great for me. Also, I meditate a few times daily and need to face a specific direction at each time. Compass app = perfect.

      - Camera is now 3MP and does video -- very important as I use these functions on my current phone all the time, and can't carry my Nikon D70 with me everywhere for pictures ;) having compact photography capabilities is important to me. only thing I wish more modern phones had is a rotating camera!

      Hell, maybe there will be a speech-to-text app that will allow me to dictate text messages or something? Improved processing power may allow for this, as well as, from what I hear, the microphone that is in the new headset that comes with this (not sure).

      Anyway people love to **** all over the iPhone, but it is way more powerful than I think most people give it credit. If it was shipped jailbroken and unlocked, I think it would truly be without competition.

    • Helios_OneHelios_One Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Adobe is currently working on complete Flash 10 support for the Palm Pre.

      Not only that but Skyfire mobile browser supports flash and will soon be released for blackberry's. Skyfire is already avalible for Windows mobile OS and Nokia's OS. In all honesty the iphone is pretty lame. =P

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