Apple to Start Selling Nest Learning Thermostat Soon

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imageApple to Start Selling Nest Learning Thermostat Soon

You may have heard about Nest - the learning thermostat created by Tony Fadell, who ran the iPod and iPhone divisions of Apple for years and who many consider as the "grandfather of the iPod".

Nest is a revolutionary new digital thermostat that sports a gorgeous round design with a slightly domed glass screen. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi  and allows you to control the thermostat from anywhere using an iPhone or iPad or computer.

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  • ipad speakers
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    I didnt get anything out of the article. How is a thermostat revolutionary? And how does it have anything to do with iPods (the article say it is its "grandfather")? The thing btw looks "meh". Good design, but its too fat for something that has only one purpose.
  • BloodShed
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    I have a pretty high-tech programmable thermostat. It doesn't auto program by learning your adjustment habits. It doesn't have wi-fi. It doesn't let me adjust it from anywhere in the house within iOS. Seems revolutionary to me. It's also smaller than nearly every thermostat I've seen on the market.Anyway, considering my thermostat was around $160, $250 is high, but not completely outrageous with the extra tech it comes with. It's not enough to make me want to replace mine. I'd like to see more control. For instance, a base 7-day program. Also, does it have motion sensors to know when you're away?
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    They are referring to Tony Fadell as the grandfather of the iPod. Not the Nest.
  • Rumour Mill
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    Mr White how on earth did you read the article as saying the Nest was the grandfather of the iPod? Dude, time to ease back on the good times!:-D
  • Guy
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    Fuckk this is fatt as fuckkkkkkkkkkk