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    Switchy: Jailbreak Tweak Enhances iPhone's App Switcher

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
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    imageSwitchy: Jailbreak Tweak Enhances iPhone's App Switcher

    Switchy is a new jailbreak tweak developed by John Coates that aims to enhance the app switcher or multitasking tray.

    Switchy is inspired by Brent Caswell's concept, who felt that the app switcher in iOS should be taller.

    Switchy adds a second row of apps to the app switcher, so it is less cumbersome to go through the list of apps. The dots at the bottom of the two rows of app icons tell you how many pages of apps you have in the app switcher, which is quite neat.

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    • AaronAaron Posts: 137
      via Wordpress
      Works as advertised. Simple yet very functional, a huge improvement to the native app switcher. Having two rows is great! I was considering Imperium but it seemed too bloated. A lot of what Imperium tries to do is already accomplished by SBSettings. Switchy is just what you need to make app switching (and killing) a little easier. Running iOS5.0.1 with Absinthe v0.4 jailbreak, no problems at all.
    • BlahBlah Posts: 18
      via Wordpress
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