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    Apple: Jailbreaking iPhone May Void The Warranty



    • JerryJerry Posts: 47
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      Thanks! I used to rely on the Cydia Repos and UnlimTones for my ringtones but thanks to you...NO MORE!

    • SolutionSolution Posts: 3
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      You're always free to leave.

    • JaredudeJaredude Posts: 1
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      The act of jailbreaking doesn't cause a phone to be unstable, installing jailbreak apps that don't work together is the problem, but most of the masses don't look past their noses to realize that and they blame the jailbreak for their technological illiteracy. It makes me mad when people say it's not good to jailbreak because they have a friend who f'd up their iPod being an idiot. If you're gonna jailbreak do a little research before installing that unstable tweak that makes your screen rotate or some crap. You're giving the rest of us a bad name.

      Tl;dr don't be a retqrd

    • ScottScott Posts: 164
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      Agreed. Sorry to impede on your Software-based Cash Cow, Mr. Jobs.

    • Y_airY_air Posts: 12
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      I have a small concern with this being completely out in the open and being reported all over the news. Usually it is, like everyone said, the savvy people the ones that take the full advantage of what a jailbroken iphone can do.

      However, with the public attention that jailbreaking is having, I am growing concerned with the fact that not so apt people will begin jailbreaking and downloading MyWi.

      This is concerning (to people with the old unlimited data plan) because since AT&T finally allowed tethering, what will happen if enough people use MyWi and begin to spike the data usage of their month? Will AT&T be douchebags and change our plans like they had before?

      Let me know what you guys think!

    • GabrielGabriel Posts: 7
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      I will jailbreak my iPhone I don't give a **** about what apple has to say I will do it as I been doing it <\b>

    • klutchklutch Posts: 54
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      Smart? Have you seen how black rain and spirit work? Plug in , click , done. It's actually harder to sync a iPhone with iTunes than it is to jailbreak.

    • PKdoRPKdoR Posts: 1
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      May be nothing has change for the tool JB users, but it indeed has for the dev's of such tools as now they "may" not be prosecuted and have more breathing room. Even if we may not see obvious changes immediately it is a step in the right direction IMO.

      I love US but recent history shows that more laws were made to protect companies/Organizations and such, as opposed to the customer and their average citizens. I am OK with protecting the companies IP and what not but it was being taken too far as of late. I welcome this change, yet is still abit sureal to me, feels like there may be a catch.

      Weather something changed or not we "ALL OF YOU READING THIS NEWS" should be supporting such movements instead of bashing it as we are reading it mostly from sites that help you achieves such goals like JB, Unlocking, Modding and stuff.

      Which unless you clicked in the link by mistake, you are in the same game of cat and mouse as most of us are. thats my 2 cents.

    • kebinkebin Posts: 1
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    • BornNChainzBornNChainz Posts: 1
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      Free to leave's not a good answer (IMHO.) Real freedom is born free. Shouldn't have to move.

    • E SE S Posts: 1
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      Making it legal means more hackers.

      Apple could avoid any future companies dedicated to jail breaking idevices by allowing any carrier to have them. That is the main reason why people jb phones.

    • NgmeadNgmead Posts: 13
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      Actually thats why they unlock it not jailbreak it. And yes I know you need to jailbreak it to unlock it, but some just jailbreak it, not unlock it, cause they are happy with ATT.

    • ModernMessiahModernMessiah Posts: 1
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      "Not too long ago two friends of mine were talking to a Cuban refugee, a businessman who had escaped from Castro, and in the midst of his story one of my friends turned to the other and said, “We don’t know how lucky we are.” And the Cuban stopped and said, “How lucky you are! I had someplace to escape to.” In that sentence he told us the entire story. If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth. "
      -- Ronald Reagan

    • CindyCindy Posts: 25
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      i still need to jb my phone again i upgraded to the 4 on my 3g and still not able to jb can't wait until im able to again

    • NateNate Posts: 58
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      I have never jailbroken my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0, but I would like to. I'm wondering if it is safe and what program is recommended. Thanks ahead of time.

    • tukkertowntukkertown Posts: 11
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      Here is a quick update on the upcoming Comex’s jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iOS 4 / 4.0.1. It was only yesterday when we informed you all that Comex in an interview said that he is “almost” done with the jailbreak and now he is waiting for Saurik (the creator of Cydia) to complete the last bits which are required for the jailbreak.

      You will have to ask Saurik if he’s done with that bootstrap yet. Like I hate to say this because people will be complaining, but it is pretty close to done.
      Today, in an image sent to us by one of our reader who wishes to remain anonymous, Saurik seems to be done with the “bootstrap” thing which Comex wanted from him for the jailbreak. This is what he wrote in a Direct Message to a user on Twitter:

      I actually gave comex the bootstrap he needed last night. so I am no longer the bottleneck. (The concept of “bottleneck” is very transient.)

      So there you go.. If I read that right, we are probably now closer to the release than ever before. It seems like the new jailbreak tool is now going through final release mechanics before it is released to public.

      Stay tuned, as we will provide you the download links, along with full how-to guides as soon as the new jailbreak is available. [Thanks, Anonymous Sender]

    • AsdfAsdf Posts: 37
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      yeah, makes me wish the soviets had won...

    • Daniel QuickDaniel Quick Posts: 7
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    • JJ Posts: 131
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      new jailbrake is out for 4.0.1

    • CyberAngelCyberAngel Posts: 1
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      Hmm.. if I mod my car, does the manufacturer get to void the warranty? Why is software so much different?

    • aredared Posts: 1
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      jailbreaking does not void your warrenty how can it? if you restore back as you bought it and if you had the sense to put all your jailbroken apps on itunes library with **** when you get a new phone jailbreak again reinstall all your apps hey presto back to what it was before and did apple know DONT THINK SO!!! read more guys
    • HdhdhdhdhdhHdhdhdhdhdh Posts: 1
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      Ok so my iPod is not working right and apple said it was becouse it was jailbroken when it was not. I then found out that they were the problem. The iPod was hacked into ant the version was changed but it was not a jailbreak and the way it was done was not the proper way to do it so in the end they removed all of my programing.
    • GitaGita Posts: 1
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      hey,just a question.I´m italian but living in N.Y since last month and few friend in italy mad for I-phone 4.I´m going to buy few and try to unlock.never benn so much into tecnology comes my you personaly know anybody who got his jailbreak-unlocked-phone-warranty-repaired after reseting?
    • smolksmolk Posts: 1
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      Data recovery from a broken iOS-devices a situation when your phone or tablet refuses to turn on or boot the operating system iOS jailbreak because of some tweaks, or, worse yet, a hardware malfunction. Program Recovery Tool Apple Device will quickly recover data from broken iOS-devices. The program currently supports devices with A4 and iOS 4.x-5.x. iPhone 4S and iPad 2/3 are not supported!download Recovery Tool Apple Device you can see from the video clip or on the official website in RussianRecovery Tool Apple Device FAQ
    • hi ive got iphone 4 which is in contract.
      am i allow to jailbreak it??is goin to affect my warranty??
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