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BCSC Posts: 49
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While trying to read comments, or post, there is a popup that stated the new comment system. It is completely frustrating and forces the screen to the top. You have to scroll about 10 times just to get to the post section because it will pop up halfway down. Using Firefox 12.0

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  • iPhoneHacks
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    @BCSC couldn't replicate the issue, but we have removed the note from the bottom of the comments section. Hope that addresses the issue for you.
  • BCSC
    BCSC Posts: 49
    Very shortly after leaving the feedback, i updated my firefox from v12 to v13 and the problem has disappeared. It may have been from what you did though. Not too sure. Must say though that I absolutely love the speedy response. I can see this new format working quite smoothly in the future. Thanks guys!