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    Removing Apps from settings? (Ex.i4siri color keyboard.)

    Before anyone flames me, ive googled and looked all over and cant find a simple way to remove unwanted apps from my settings i have colorkeyboard and i4siri and others installed on my ipod touch 4g and i just want to remove them, and have looked all through cydia and under packages with no luck. Could anyone please help?


    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      @zts24 what do you mean ... you can't find them .. search for the tweak in Cydia and you should see them in the search results with the green tick (which indicates you have installed the tweak) ... then tap on the tweak with the green tick in the search results and then tap on the Modify button. Here you will get an option to Remove the tweak.
    • zts24zts24 Posts: 2
      Hmmm whenever i search for the tweak, for example under the i4siri source like so i can delete i4sir it shows the the tweak but with no green tick instead all there is, is a white square in the corner of the of tweaks image. Which makes me think i removed it but yet its still in my settings menu.
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