iOS 6 Maps App Will Have Yelp Check-Ins

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imageiOS 6 Maps App Will Have Yelp Check-Ins

Bloomberg reports that Apple's revamped maps app in iOS 6 won't just present local information from Yelp, but also include Yelp's check-in feature that w...

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  • tetfsu
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    Nope, I won't use it just because it's there... however, if Foursquare was integrated in, I'd use it. This may be a big reason they (Foursquare) doesn't wan't to be integrated. It may cannibalize the user base of an app they control... shifting it to one they don't.
  • i probably would not use yelp checkins heck i dont really use the yelp app anymore i did when it first came out but that was like for a week or 2
  • yelp must be paying apple BIG for this. I'll try it but probably just use my tomtom or Navigone if yelp gets in the way besides using to much cpu because I run pandora and tomtom at the same time