Sprint iPhone Sees Disappointing Sales At Apple Stores, Fares Marginally Better At Big-Box Retailers

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imageSprint iPhone Sees Disappointing Sales At Apple Stores, Fares Marginally Better At Big-Box Retailers

Apple added Sprint as the third major U.S. carrier to support the iPhone back in October last year, when the iPhone 4S launched. The carrier didn't have a ...

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  • With Verizon and AT&T moving to Family Data plans, most people will see a rise in prices and the loss of their "unlimited" plans. Hopefully Sprint can step it up and give competitive pricing and drain off a lot of new customers from the Big 2.
  • Kimk69
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    That's a shame for Sprint but I feel that the slow as 3G data they have has something to do with it.
    I would leave AT&T and my unlimited/3 gig plan in a heartbeat if the data was as fast but I also love the voice and data at the same time. Maybe tmobile with the next phone.
    If sprint has real 4G/LTE in NY/Jersey area and not like this fake iPhone 4S 4G AT&T has I'll switch. Or maybe tmobile will have the new phone with unlimited data 4G with voice & data at the same time. We will see.
  • Prepaid phone services are now offering smart phones that are just as appealing. Cost is STILL the main reason sales at Sprint aren't what they expected. People having to choose between cell phone bill and grocery bill will ALWAYS choose the grocery bill!
  • I would like to see what percentage of unlocked phones stack against these stats... even if it would probably be very few
  • Larry
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    I wonder if internally T-Mobile is looking at these numbers and wondering if it is worth it to offer the iPhone considering the costs Apple requires up-front. As long as their network can support it customers can buy them unlocked.
  • JD
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    i think the problem is that people know what they are going to get from att & verizon. they dont offer 4g lte, their wimax coverage sucks, and 3g data speeds are horrid. Plus its the only 3g phone on their network where you have to pay the $10 data premuim data charge (generally reserved for 4g phones). their just isnt enough reason to chose a sprint iphone.