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    Modbook Pro Transforms MacBook Pro Into a 13-Inch OS X Tablet

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
    edited June 2012 in
    imageModbook Pro Transforms MacBook Pro Into a 13-Inch OS X Tablet

    While the iPad is a big hit and sells in huge numbers, many power users still want a fully powered PC operating system running on a touch based device. Tha...

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    • ChrisChris Posts: 6
      How is this possibly legal?
    • iJohniJohn Posts: 41
      How is this possibly legal?
      Original Apple hardware is fully authorized to boot any compatible version of Mac OS. Compatible touch screen monitors are available and supported by Apple. Modbook Inc. is providing a service in which they modify an existing product for a fee (read the disclosure at the bottom of the page linked in this article).

      Also, this look pretty cool!
    • ChuckieChuckie Posts: 9
      This is actually pretty cool. It's almost like cheating only not :-). I didn't see this coming. If the price isn't too high I think it will be a good alternative to the MS Surface.
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