Judge Dismisses Apple vs. Motorola Patent Case

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imageJudge Dismisses Apple vs. Motorola Patent Case

Couple of days back, we reported that while Federal Judge Richard Posner had questioned Apple's bid for an injunction against Motorola, he did not make any...

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  • And not a single f*ck was given that day.
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    The number of Patent Cases asserted by Apple are so damn high.
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    This is such bullsh*t. Apple is right, the technology is necessary for a product to function. If Motorola invented it and thinks it is their innovation, then why didn't they start using it until Apple did? And also, Motorola is just jealous because their products f*cking suck and the consumer obviously favors Apple and their products. There will never be a ban, Apple will win. And if they don't, then the courts are going to have to deal with threats and criticism from people all over the US!