RIM Thought iPhone Was Impossible In 2007



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    What kind of article is this? A former RIM employee who, I guess, is anonymous and probably is no more than an entry level worker. Well guess what, I heard from a former Apple employee that Steve Jobs thought Android was impossible and that Google would never succeed. BBs can't really compete with the consumer market but even in 3 yrs with the onslaught of Apple and Google they still held the largest US market share. They are the best at what they do but they will never go out of business. It's been 4 generations of iPhones and they are still alive so how many before people stop dreaming that they will disappear. I am not a BB fan because it doesn't suit my needs but that doesn't mean I think they offer an inferior product. They are the best at what they do and they never really catered to the consumer market except for maybe BBM so the market share they are losing was inevitable.
    I'd like to know where this guy stands on BB now?

    They just announced 5,000+ layoffs and lost a half a BILLION dollars...

    But no, they're not going out of business?!