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    Apple Unlocked my phone Over the phone today.....But not working wtf!!!!!

    gersrtgersrt Posts: 1
    edited July 2012 in iPhone Forum

    I requested that my iphone was unlocked this morning and the guy on the end of the phone (Apple) told me it was done.

    He said just go home and connect to Itunes, click restore, stick another operator sim in and thats it.

    So I went home and didn't exactly follow his guide, but what i did was restore a custom 5.1.1 firmware with no baseband upgrade, stuck other operators sim in and no joy.

    Im starting to think its because I used the custom firmware, any one like to comment????

    Im afraid to restore a regular firmware as it will upgrade the baseband (and if Apple didn't really unlock the phone id be fu*ked using my gevey sim)

    Thanks Guys


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