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    Will ‘iPhone 5′ Look Like This?

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
    edited July 2012 in

    imageWill ‘iPhone 5′ Look Like This?

    Chinese repair shop iLab (via CydiaBlog) has posted photos of what appears to be a full assembled or at least the complete enclosure of next generation iPh...

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    • Well it really needs to have some killer functions, more than LTE and a bigger screen. Otherwise I will not change my Iphone 4S. Actually the new dock connector and the headphone jack in the bottom is a design "downgrade" if you ask me.
    • looks like crap to me...
    • WanksterWankster Posts: 2
      How long is apple going to rehash the same phone both looks and software. A 4" screen is too little too late. Apple better start to step up their game or their going to end up like another Blackberry.
    • GerardGerard Posts: 29
      I like it; looks like a premium product. I think the headphone jack on the bottom makes sense, it would stop the cord from hanging in front of the screen during use. Only thing missing is more colors.
    • If this is really what it's going to look like, I'm glad I got the galaxy s3.
    • yasseryasser Posts: 7
      This looks like a Chinese rip off .. The metal and the Glass don't " blend " if you ask me .. I wouldn't be surprised if this leaked version is a diversion .. But then again ..4" sounds nice :) .. Headphone jack
      Position is cool
    • BCSCBCSC Posts: 49
      Wow, this phone in not a step forward. All you need to do to make your 4S look like this, is to wrap a piece of duct tape around it. I guess that if you go suing everyone for looking like your phone, you are stuck with very limited options.
    • JGod170JGod170 Posts: 1
      If you want a bigger screen, buy an IPad.
    • Joseph DunderdaleJoseph Dunderdale Posts: 13
      edited July 2012
      looks mean little to me and I like the size of the iphone, Im not a fanboi, I was tempted by the HTC one X fairly recently, but decided it was too much bother for me to leave the ECO system of Iphone, so I moved from a 4 to a 4s and was really surprised by the upgrade with performance, though it could of been the provider that made the difference, Im running OS 6beta and the MAP app is fantastic, and now with Siri working for local content, here in Alberta Canada. Im pleased with my Iphone 4S, consider this IPHONES used, sell for good money, more money than most people have to get out of a three year contract,and apple upgrade there software and dont leave even 3gs users for dead, tell me a android phone or company that does the same, with there hardware.

      but who really knows what is gonna come along in october/september, we will have to wait and see, will I buy the Iphone 5, more than likely, but not for LTE we dont have the coverage right here, a wider screen will make web pages alittle bigger in landscape, but im not sold on that either really. reception of signal(METAL BACK?) and battery life (more internal space?) is a concern,the 4s its better with the beta, for sure but it still needs to be better.
    • I think apple is smart, they won with the iPhone 4 and 4s design. All they did here was make subtle yet functional and stylish changes. The aluminum back will reduce glass breakage and looks nice with the two tone effect, and they added a nice angular cut to the bezel around the phone. The design looks clean and proper, like it came out of a machine shop. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these.
    • MuscleMassMuscleMass Posts: 20
      Def still looks like it's related to the iPhone 4 and 4S. But that's not a bad thing. I don't want the iPhone 6 to get any bigger. This 5 seems big enough! I don't want to carry an mini-"iPad" everywhere I go.
    • Mr_CleanMr_Clean Posts: 3
      Lukewarm upgrade equals lost sale. LTE is useless with limited data plans (And that includes the so called throttled unlimited plans). Stretched screen, come on is this some kind of a joke. Really I'm supposed to fork over another $850 for another 64GB for a messily screen size increase cause I'm sure as [email protected] not going back to AT&t or Verizon's overpriced plans. I'm content with my 4S. The only thing I want is sufficiently sized larger screen, and this aint it! Guess I'll see what the iphone 7 has to offer.
    • defmaddefmad Posts: 7
      I hope Apple releases something totally different. I'm sick of these ugly mockups. As others have said, Apple really need to step up thier game.
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