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    Swirly MMS stuck in reboot

    Trajce10Trajce10 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012 in iPhone Forum
    Hi, since i really need my Notes and Pictures that i didn't do a backup(sync) with iTunes b/c i was travelling, i was installing a Swirly MMS from cydia and asked me for a reboot and i got stuck in rebooting . The iPhone (4s 5.1.1) keeps rebooting and after the Apple Logo it goes with the spinner for some while and it reboots it self again and again. I tried with WinSCP, Totalcommander(t-Pod), iFunBox,iExplorer,... can't access it b/c it's not showup on the pc(itunes. Tried with putting it in Recovery mode exit after that to see if it gonna help in someway but it did not, also i did that with the DFU mode and that didn't help... :S please help me how to get the Notes and the pictures at least, if i can't get it up to work again without Restoring it in iTunes.

    Thanks in advance

    found answer that did not work:
    "Power up the phone while holding the volume up button and continue to hold it until you see the lock screen. This should disable mobile substrate and tweaks dependent on it so you can uninstall Swirly MMS through Cydia.
    Reboot to re-enable mobile substrate."
    I have tried this answer and it doesn't do anything different :S same old rebooting with spinner... my fingers are hurting from holding the volume button . I hope maybe somebody will tell me something else that i can try.

    Thanks to all that can help me with this


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