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    Straight talk SIM and iPhone 4s

    I have a iPhone 4s that I use to use with Verizon and I've come across a few articles about being able to use a straight talk SIM card in a iPhone 4s but on AT&T and T-mobile networks. Does it matter if my cell use to be on the Verizon network or not ? I understand I will have to change some settings in the phone but just want to make sure it will work before I buy the tools and SIM card. Also if by any chance if someone has a link to a really good tutorial can you plz post the link. Thanks for any and all replies.


    • If I am not mistaken Verizon is a CDMA network which doesn't use sim cards as GSM networks, they do have 'Global Ready' phones like Blackberrys and such. So if your iPhone doesn't have the the sim card tray slot on the right side you are out luck., that been said you do have an iPhone 4s which should have the sim card tray slot and work on both if unlocked.
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