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    Theme Issues With i5 iOS 6.1

    Ever since I installed and tried some themes I have issues with 2 apps not opening.

    Bejeweled Blitz will load and then the screen goes black.
    Navionics USA will load if I perform a fresh install but if I reboot or Re-Spring then the app will open and close right away. The only way it will work again is if I re-install the app.

    The only reason I'm thinking its the themes is because I had all the other tweaks applied before installing the themes and the apps worked just fine.

    These are the tweaks that I have currently installed.

    Abuse Font
    Bastardus Sans Font
    Big Boss Icon Set
    Byta Font
    Color Keyboard
    Cydia Installer
    Cydia Translations
    Default HD SBSettings
    Deftones Stylus Font
    evasion 6.0-6.1 untether
    Five Icon Dock
    Five-Column Springboard
    Jackass Party Boy Ringtone
    Mobile Substrate
    No Dock Reflection
    No Icon Shadows
    No Page Dots
    SBSettings Toggles
    Serious SBSettings HD
    Sinful iPhone Repoprep
    Software Update Killer
    Springtomize 2
    Stealth Retina
    Substrate Safe Mode
    1derful HD
    1 Round Black
    266 icons (HD&SD)

    Anyone know of any fixes?


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