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    how to update to ios 6.1.2 from 6.0.2 without updating to ios 6.1.3?

    i just bought an ipad mini with ios 6.0.2 version and i want to update it to 6.1.2 to jailbreak it,but when i go for an update in my settings it shows only update ios 6.1.3 version..!
    so let me know any way to update to ios 6.1.2 skipping update ios 6.1.3..
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know as soon as possible


    • matt902matt902 Posts: 1
      Download 6.1.2 and hook up to Itunes, Hold shift and click recover and choose your 6.1.2 download location and restore. Not to sure if there still signing 6.1.2 so check it out before you restore with your download. =)
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