Studybud - Every students best friend!

My name is Simon and I have just released my new app called “Studybud”. It’s a simple, yet powerful organizing-tool for all the students out there. The idea came to me one day, in frustration because I had all my calendar events, my schedule, my classmates & teachers, all my homework and my results stored in six different places. I also noticed a couple of apps out there in app store, but they were hard and unnecessary advanced to use. Below I have a list of the specs and a couple of pictures of the app.

The calendar is easy to use, and with a clean and classy look. It has all the best from the calendar-app from apple, and some special features to make it even more fantastic.
· With an easy swipe you can mark multiple days and weeks and add events with more control and consistency.
· A simple possibility to add different colors to the days. This makes it easier to see important days, and maybe the holidays?
· Add classmates and teachers to the events
· Import/export to the calendar-app

This page is highly customizable both in time and week by week. Because a lot of the studies doesn’t have one consistent plan, but changes from one week to another the timetable can handle that.
· Reacts on the IPhone rotation. It has a tableview when the IPhone is in portrait and has a more standard timetable-view when the IPhone is in landscape-view.
· One consistent timetable or make it custom for every week
· Color-code every study with unique colors
· Add room-numbers
· Add the contact information of your classmates and your teachers

On this page you can add all the people in your class and add some basic info about them. You can also take a picture of them and connect it to the contact. It is two segments on the page: one for the classmates and one for the teachers. And what’s the best part? You can use these contacts and connect them to the calendar, timetable and homework-page. Simple, yet genius.

In this part you have a simple table-view where you put all your homework. You can check them off as solved, and then they will go in to a “completed”-section of this page. At first glance it can look like the reminder-app, but with some handy extra features in it, this is more useful for students.

This simple page sorts between tasks, tests and exams, and they each get a unique color-code. The result-page is clean, powerful, and just the last, most important piece on your way to full study-control.

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