How do I fix ghost alarm? Or how can I restore without upgrade?

I once had an alarm set for 6:30AM every Mon/Wed. I deleted it, but my phone alarm still goes off every Monday and Wednesday morning! The same thing has started happening every night at 8:17pm. I set it once, deleted it, and it goes off no matter what I do. I've tried erasing all alarms. Making new ones for the same time and turning them off. Nothing works. I'm stuck with these "Ghost Alarms" and waking up early is getting annoying. The only other thing I could think of is to restore the phone, but the problem is I don't want to lose my ability to jailbreak.

Any suggestions?



  • Deoes
    Deoes Posts: 2
    Fixed it!

    I had a Flex tweak that hid the alarm icon from my status bar. I think what had happened was I made the alarm, hid the icon, deleted the alarm, but it was still locked in because of the icon being hidden with flex. deleting the flex tweak seems to have fixed it.