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    accessing icloud back up of photos

    Hi, I was travelling earlier in the year when my iphone 5 was stolen. When my phone was stolen it had been 3 full weeks since the last full back up. At the last full back up, I hardly had any photos on it and hence would have used only 2-3GB at most. However, over those 3 weeks the icloud was backing up photos as they were clicked but didn't do a full system back up. Now when I log in to my icloud it shows something like 4.9GB (photos were the only thing I was backing up, so that space is definitely taken up by the photos and videos I took). When I restore on a new device, I only got the old photos from the last available full back up (3 weeks old). Is there anything that can be done? I had hundreds of photos as I was on holiday then. Thanks in advance


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