Help me please, im stuck with NO SERVICE...

Jamie Ender
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Yesterday i bought a cheap iphone 3g that was working fine when i bought it. It was JailBroken and unlocked but still had all the previous owners accounts and such on it. In my wisdom I plugged it straight into itunes and did a restore and got stuck in a restore loop with 1015 error. Google showed me that the problem was because it had had the ipad baseband installed in order to unlock it and as such i used redsn0w to recover it. I have managed to get a working iphone 3g through redsn0w and it appears activated but i keep getting "No Service" error and cant pick up a mobile signal.

Please can someone help me out. I know that the iphone was originally on O2 UK and my sim is GiffGaff UK so as such should work with no issues however im really struggling... please help! No Service is NO USE to me! :)

(Im not green when it comes to hacking but I may need step-by-step instructions if its a process Im not familiar with!)

Thanks in advance!