Temp Solution to Hacktivate IOS 7

Cheikh Seck
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This tutorial will help you get your IOS 7 activated and you will keep all the media that was previously on the device. This has only been tested on the Iphone 4

First You will need a few pieces of software, this cool Java application (which does most of the work)

PuTTy and TinyUmbrella

Before starting backup your iphone on to Itunes and put it into airplane mode.

Once the restore is complete you will see IOS 7 welcome screen

Power the iphone off and into DFU mode, and it is plugged in into the computer

Run the Java application just downloaded above and it will run a few codes of Magic

When its done you should see this


Right after that fire up PuTTy and put in localhost as hostname and the port the java application specified


Then you should a window that will prompt you for a username and password, which is root and alpine.

Right after that run mount.sh in the terminal, then type in the following commands
  • cd mnt1/Applications
  • rm -R Setup.app (not sure aout if Setup is spelled that way, if you type Set and hit tab it should autocomplete

Once there just simply delete Setup.app and hold the power and home button to reset the phone.

When you boot up you will see the iphone recovery screen, don't mind that just TinyUmbrella to get out of recovery mode


The iphone should boot up after a few and you will also be able to reboot your device and still use it.


*Since it isnt officially activated it may have limited compatibility around Itunes, but I will look into that later

*Update, Itunes works on Iphone 4!


Thanks for reading and follow me on twitter for more updates cdseck