Wallpaper image gets duplicated

I have an iPhone 3G. I have selected one of the wallpaper images supplied in the phone as my wallpaper. When I sync, this image gets into Photo Roll. Next time there are two there, and so on. But there is nothing in my iPhoto on my computer (Mac mini, OS 10.8.5). Why is tghis happening, and how can I prevent it?

Thank you in anticipation of help.


  • I have made a discovery concerning this bizarre phenomenon. It has nothing to do with syncing.

    I keep my 'phone in a soft, felt-like Apple pouch. If I withdraw it only just enough to allow me to switch on the 'phone by means of the on-off button at the top (not the Home button at the bottom), the 'phone sometimes photographs its own startup screen — wallpaper, time, date and all. I have not been able to discover why it does this sometimes but not always, nor why it does it at all, though it may have something to do with the pressure exerted by the thumb of my left hand (holding the 'phone in its pouch) as I press the on-off button with my right hand. So the syncing mystery has dissolved, only to be replaced by another.

    I now know how to prevent my album from filling up with unwanted replicas of the startup screen, but I should still be interested to learn what the reason for this strange behaviour is.
  • Try using ifunbox to controll your photos. http://www.i-funbox.com/