[Busted] iphone i0S 7 HACK tutorial

Ok so i think this game might make in the top 100 someday so i am making a tutorial about how to hack this game on iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 evasi0n jailbroken to get longer turbo, longer boost duration, unlimited money and unlock all vehicles! Now first off i should mention that because of all these wonderful effects, YOU MUST BE JAILBROKEN!!! If you are not, then good luck somewhere else because i am the first i believe to have to post this. So now then, thing you will need: iFile, IAPfree, GamPlayer, and the game of course. You can find all of these on cydia via google for the sources. IFile will need a cracked sources unless you paid ( or are going to pay ) for yours. Good, now after all that. Go and download this file. This is my modded version:


Its not unlimited mind you, because that would render the game worthlessly boring after one game. Now navigate to /var/mobile/documents/[Busted]/Library/prefrences in iFile and replace the existing file with mine. Now exit the game and and re-open. Now play a few rounds and die a few time and earn at least over 1000. Make sure its a uncommon number like 1043 or 1267. Then go into gamplayer, search for that value, dont forget to check which app you are editing! Look for DWord result only! The fewer the results the better... Now edit each result to desired values. Try not to go overboard as there is a value max limit in some games. They will crash when it figures an unreachable amount. Now this money tweak is only for offline use. If you have an online connection, then use the store within the game. Select a featured cash package and IAPfree will block the outgoing request and send in a hacked conformation. Allowing the game to register it as puchased. Note: if you want to end the game try ramming the side of ramps... Theyll use up your repairs and eventually kill you. But if you make it past the part where i left off then you will have to wait til the boost wears off then go crash into a police blockade. BTW my Turbo_MAX value was set to 999 instead of 150 like this one so i couldnt die for like 30 minutes. Which got boring pretty quick after the vehicles stopped loading except for the cop blockades. Like even the game was like yeah whatever this is Bullsh*t now. Haha lol. Warning! If it asks you to sign in, DONT! That means IAPfree did not catch the outgoing request or is not compatible with your device or device version. That popup is apple asking you to spend money! So dont enter your credentials, use the offline gmaeplayer method. If you found any problems with this mod post a fix or the fully deatiled problem and your device specifications. Remember that this was brought to you by aJaX2421.


  • Ok sorry for all the typos i am posting this from my phone. And no i dont know how to put all this in a cydia deb pckg because i dont know code like hackers do and i dont know where the money values are stored. The documents folder is empty so i dont know. But hey enjoy!