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    how to bypass lockscreen and reset on iphone 5....... bad ex GF!

    Hi guys.

    So this is the low down.

    I bought my GF an iPhone 5 off ebay...... no problems with it. legitimate sale and every thing was cool. I let her keep her iPhone 4 as a backup, im sweet guy. (bad idea)
    Then things turn bad, we break up, but part of the deal is I want the phone back that from her (amongst other crap).

    Being the smart ass **** that she is, she gives me the phone back, (minus charger and other accessories, but I couldn't give a rats ass about those.) BUT, she has taken the simcard out and changed the passcode....... saying "have fun"......

    So my question is........

    Am i stuck with one of the worlds most expensive paper weights? or can i clear/wipe/reset this phone somehow without a passcode/appleid?
    I am unsure what IOS its running, i know its IOS 7, im assuming its 7.0.4, but i cant even confirm that.

    Help would be greatly appreciated peeps.


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