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    HELP! iphone rebooting during redsn0w jailbreak process

    I've jailbroken my old-bootrom 3GS several times and got no problem. Now I do Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (using ios 6.0 ipsw to get 6.1.6) as in and get this below:

    The pineapple logo appears > ... > Replacing Kernel > Flashing NOR > Installing Bundles (1 second) > Rebooting ------------- and the phone reboots to the normal (non-jailbroken) status. I do it over and over and get the same result. My phone is factory unlocked and is on ios 6.1.6.

    Not sure if this is because of my windows 7 SP1, or USB cable (not sure if this is authentic or I got this on ebay), or my phone itself (hardware?). Please advice!!!!!


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