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    Non-jailbroken iPad Air - widget?!?!?!

    I just saw on a friends iPad Air a floating button. It's not JB, and he is not a techie. I've never seen or heard of this thing before. It's easily dragged around the screen, and snaps to whatever edge it's near (top, bottom, side doesn't matter - it won't float randomly, it's always on an edge. It's always on top of every single app as far as I could see. When I first click it, it pops up and shows 4 options: Home, Device, Siri, favorites. I can describe more, but I assume if anyone knows what this is they don't need any more description. I want to know what it is and how he got it. Can anyone help?!? I'm usually the iOS expert for any particular group of people - that I have never seen this and can't figure out how it's on his Air is driving me crazy.


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