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    3Gs Upgrade to 6.16 Stuck

    Desperately Seeking...I've just attempted to upgrade my iphone 3Gs. Previously JB'd w/ redsSn0w. I was stuck in what I assume is bootloop: endless itunes restore messages. After numerous recycles, it showed the apple icon, grey screen, started a set-up procedure. Does this mean I'm now out of the bootloop, good to go? It needs Wifi to continue, which I can do tomorrow at local library.

    I'm a total idiot in relating to my iphone. I only bought it for emergencies, as I couldn't work out how to use my old Nokia for msm. I feel like I've got a VCR mentality. So I have no aptitude at all for working w/ this. I'm fine on my iMac.

    Iposted here because the thread I was referring to is old now. (

    Please, I'm afraid that I have to throw this phone in the trash. :-(...Unless it's actually managed to upgrade, and I can continue. Do I need to go back to redSn0w to complete? Or is it likely that w/ WiFi I'm set up now? Thanks very much


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      Based on what you've mentioned, you should be just fine.

      If you hit any issues during the setup issue when you've an internet connection, let me know if you run into any issues.
    • maveetmaveet Posts: 4
      Not fine. :-( With WiFi message "can't find server; try again"...repeatedly. Suggests 'or connect to itunes'. When I leave WiFi and connect to itunes at home, looks like it's connecting, then tells me there's no sim, which there is. Before the no sim message, starts to synch photos, which I cancel. Then spins for awhile, responds no sim. I opened it, took out sim, put back change. :-( frustrated.
    • antsuantsu Posts: 66
      Couple things come to my mind. Get a new sim card. U might have faulty. Happened to me few times. For wifi clear out NETWORK settings. Not all as then u might brick jb'd phone.
    • maveetmaveet Posts: 4
      Thanks antsu. Finally, I put the sim into another phone, seems not working. Unfortunately I can't switch sims, as the working one is separated from its card, won't fit into iphone. Will check back w/ resolution after I get a new sim. But maybe this means I don't have to do any further procedures. whew. :-)
    • maveetmaveet Posts: 4
      I got a new sim. No luck. Same message. So I've been through the whole RedSn0w process, got things unstuck, iTunes restored....on and on...and at the end, the same message No sim. :(

      The only thing I might have done incorrectly was getting the IPSW for RedSn0w to work. I downloaded it, but whenever I clicked on it, iTunes came to the front. So I finally just let iTunes do it's thing...w/ the above results.

      I'm finished for today. Can anyone suggest a fix? Should I go for RedSn0w jailbreak instead of restore? I originally used RedSn0w to jailbreak this phone about a year ago...HELP! please. :((
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