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    Help with third party app install

    Hi guys please help or advice. I made my .ipa file with xcode without certificates. I don't want to pay the $99 to get a dev account so don't have my own certificate but still i would like to have the possibility to install the app on NON jailbreked phones and distribute the ipa from my site. Already smoothly installed the app on a jbkd device using itunes BUT, could i install in a non jlbkd device, maybe using ifunbox? Case not, how could i do? thanx


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      That's not possible as you won't be able to use iFunbox without jailbreaking your device, as you don't get file system access without jailbreaking.

      Why would you not want to go via the official route as you can get a much wider audience on the App Store. You can also look at launching it on Cydia.
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