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    Ipad 4th gen very slow after jailbreak

    I have an ipad 4th gen that is so slow it is almost unusable after jailbreak. Everything went smooth with the jailbreak no errors. I have not added any tweaks to my system, but all my apps are so slow I almost can't use them. I can't get to the internet using safari. My wife has the same ipad (not jailbroken) and she has no problems. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problems is? I did a restore back to a new ipad and it works fine now. I would like to put the jailbreak back on my system, but I'm afraid it will die again. HELP please.


    • cdifazcdifaz Posts: 3
      Which iPad is that mini, air, or just iPad?
    • antsuantsu Posts: 66
      edited August 2014
      Is there some app (read service) in bg running and eating all ram? Use memory checking app and check what and how much memory free and memory hogs. If low on ram, can/will slow it down. Also check free flash mem. If outta it will surely slow it down. Variety of apps for these in both appstore and cydia. Some are free and some need to pay for. You just need to know the difference in ram and flash.

      Check also system loads. I noticed on my ipad air that if go way over 9 it literally starts to freeze. On my desktop i7-2600k froze when got loads to 23. Usually ok if are 1-4 on ipad. You can see those via 'top' command in shell in ipad. Use terminal or ssh in.

      1st thing to try is to disable all nonneeded stuff like bt, apps updating in bg, - faceshit and tweeto can slow it down etc, dunno how much as never used either. 2nd hardboot ipad and see if helps. (Home+power untill apple logo). If doesent help, then check ram and flash.

      Jailbreaking does NOT slow down ipad or iphone!
    • Considering the HUGE DISCLAIMER that comes with the Jailbreak software download, I hope you're smart enough to NOT listen to all the highly intelligent people who tell you jailbreaking doesn't affect your device. All of the problems you're facing are mentioned in said disclaimer. Personally, I'm a lesser-intelligent being who, instead of jailbreaking my brand new device, jailbreaked a much cheaper one. That device runs ok, even though it is a bit slow, crashes now and then and has been hacked by various cyber-terrorists. Unfortunaty, I wasn't inclined to set up any links from this device to any of my personal accounts, files or other devices, so the poor little hackers were only able to see game scores.

      In short, how could you be so stupid to jailbreak your ipad and then whine about it to a bunch of nubkers (noob hackers) on this site?
    • *Unfortunately (for all the pissed off nubkers who want to jump on a mistake, in retaliation)
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