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    Issue with jailbreaking Ipod 4g 6.1.6 with p0sxspwn

    So i tried jailbreaking my Ipod touch 4g on ios 6.1.6 using p0sxspwn, following the guide on to a T. i unzip p0sxspwn to my desktop, hook up my ipod, back it up, launch the program as admin, run it and it seems to run smoothly. after it tells me that my ipod is now jailbroken, i pick it up and look through it. there's no cydia app. i open up safari to google the issue, maybe look for a direct download of cydia, and it tells me i can't connect to the internet. figuring it's an issue with my wifi i go to my settings only to find that my wifi is stuck in the 'off' position and the slider is greyed out, so i can't turn it back on. and then it starts the reboot loop.

    i spend the next three or four hours trying to fix the damned thing. i'll be honest, i'm an ipod noob, if zune hadn't died out in 2012 i'd still be using one of those. but i'm decent with electronics, and good at solving issues. nothing i find works. i try wiping the ipod from the settings. no good, still looping. i try restoring the device, but it keeps rebooting to fast. i try hard rebooting it, and all the tips on, including the video on how to fix it with redsn0w. i can get my ipod into DFU mode easily, and i download both ios 6.0 and 6.1.6 from, but 6.1.6 isn't supported and when i try the just boot with ios 6.0 as the IPSW it says i don't have the right ios data. i try recovery fix and redsn0w says it's done but the ipod says error and i need to reboot it and then power it off before trying again.

    now, i'm not turned off to jailbreaking my ipod at all, i still want to do it, but first i need to fix the ipod. so any advice on fixing it, and then tips on how to jailbreak it with no issue, would be greatly appreciated

    oh, and i'm on windows 7


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