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    No 3G toggle in iPhone after iOS 8.0 ?

    I've had a 5C since Feb'14 & from 7.0 right up to 7.1.2. I've always had the 'Enable 3G' toggle under Cellular.
    After updating OTA to iOS 8 - that toggle has been replaced with 'Enable LTE'.
    For those wondering, need that 3G toggle to switch from 3G to 2G, from time to time as signals are weak, thus battery
    drains rapidly.

    My Carrier, Vodafone India, does not provide LTE - so it's surprising.
    My friend, also on Vodafone India, owns a 4S but has that 3G toggle.
    Both of us have 3G enabled SIM's & phones are factory unlocked.

    My Carrier claims they're not responsible. Apple Support is mumbling stuff.
    Any idea why this could be happening ?
    (Also - If similiar, please share you're experience)


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      It looks like Apple didn't realize that there are places in the world where 4G is not available. It's strange as there are lots of countries where 4G coverage is not great just not India.

      Let's hope they fix the issue in the next update.
    • Hi Gautam,
      thanks for the quick reponse. This is what i discovered,
      Spoke with Apple Support & others involved:

      1. Apple has indeed pushed a generic iOS 8 update on it's own - for all LTE capable devices only
      (not 4S but - iPhone5 & above etc.), as elsewhere earlier. Carriers are not involved - so at the moment users in India can't manually toggle 3G or 2G. The LTE switch is here to stay. Downgrade 3G data plan to 2G, if battery drain is one concern & bad connect while roaming the other.

      2. Airtel,Vodafone & Apple Service are sending Feedback from Customers to Apple, so that indivisual profiles can be pushed in the future, depending on type of data connection Carriers can/choose to provide. That's a long haul.

      3. According to industry insiders, most Carriers will provide data only via LTE/3G to capable devices - as it is better tech. & the available bandwidth of 2G is shrinking, considering growing number of users. How that pans out, in a country like India, remains to be seen.

      Senior Moderators may kindly expand on this suitably
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