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    I need URGENT help please!! iPhone sendind requests every 5 seconds...


    My iPhone suddenly started to send email request every 5 seconds to my server and blocking my IP because it's using a wrong (old) password in some email account I have configured.

    A minute ago I talked to the guys of the hosting server I'm using and tested the following:
    - Disable all email accounts: same problem
    - Disable Background Actualization: same problem
    - Airplane mode: fixed it...

    Is there a way to find out what app (I have a lot) it's causing this?
    I have my iPhone 4 with jailbreak on iOS 7.0.2

    Today I received my new iPhone 6 and I would like to use it.
    But I would like to keep using my iPhone 4 as well.

    PLEASE help me!!!


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