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    my wife has been using whatsapp for a long time she had the iphone 5s then for xmas i got her the 6 plus five days later see started getting prank calls from a withheld number then the next day they started to quote her whatsapp messages word for word and discribe in detail photo messages they even called to talk about a hair cut she had 5 mins after sending me a photo and are kids xmas photos!

    the phones have not left are pockets i have had to remove whatsapp change my wifes number to stop the 20+ calls a day from this crazy women i know whoever she is she does not know us because she told my wife she would tell her husband about the messages to lee and i am lee her husband lol

    i spoke to whatsapp and was told "We are not aware of any method by which this can be done successfully (third parties may claim online that they can but we are yet to see any evidence that this is true)"

    i find that funny as if she wasnt hacked then the person must be the best psychic in the world to describe every photo and message in such detail what more evidence do they need


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