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    iPhone 3GS help

    Hello there, This is Mahbub. I am using iPhone 3GS which has iOS 6.1.6 (10B500) installed.

    Unfortunitely I am facing some problem with this.

    1. WiFi is not working.

    2. Sim card not supporting. When I am inserting a sim inside in, the phone restarted an restarted
    again and agian. But OS don't run!

    3. Sometimes some sim supports but when incomming call comes, phone restarted! But if I attach
    charger, incomming call comes!

    4. When I insert the sim, charging don't appear. But if I remove sim from the phone, then it started

    5. I can't run any customized apps from my phone! It says- 'you must need iOS 7.0 in order to run this
    application'. But it is impossible to install iOS 7.xx in iPhone 3GS!

    For this surcumstences, I need your proper guidence to overcome this horrible hassarement.
    In addition, you can drop your opinion bellows:
    [email protected]


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      edited January 2015
      The last version that is compatible with iPhone 3GS is iOS 6.1.6, which is why you can't install iOS 7.1.2. So problem 5 cannot be solved, as some apps may not support iOS 6.

      You should try to restore your device to factory settings to see if it helps with other issues.
    • mahfuzmahfuz Posts: 2
      Thank you Gautam Da for your kind response. May I get your email id, so that I can establish a further communication with you.
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