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    iPhone 6 Plus update help please

    Hi peoples of the community,
    can you please help me?!
    i have an iPhone 6 Plus with ios 8.1.2 and TaiG JB
    Unfortunately on the 11th feb i realized i had no LTE (4G) or carrier information and inside about from settings it was saying unknown for my number as well.
    i went through a few settings changes with my carrier (EE) Tech support and finally went to the store and swapped 2 different SIM cards and same problem existed but not on my SIM in new phone so it seems an issue with my phone, but they wouldnt help further because of JB.
    I restored my backup i done just one week ago before i applied the JB but because the phone had no internet service i disabled wifi and continued the restore but the restore obviously fixed the problem and downloaded 8.1.3 files automatically and now my iPhone says "slide to upgrade" but i do not want to upgrade!
    all i want to do is bypass the upgrade and go into the operating system and JB again.
    is this possible?
    i am leaving the battery to go low (currently 32%) to see if it denies the update due to low battery level and just go into the operating system

    please help as i want to keep the JB if possible

    many thanks


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      Since it is showing 'Slide to upgrade' it means your device has already been upgraded to iOS 8.1.3, so restarting or draining your battery won't help. You also can't downgrade back to iOS 8.1.2 as Apple has stopped signing the firmware file.
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